With Andela, 2U Builds an All-Star Remote Engineering Team

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When 2U went into all-remote mode, the company was in uncharted territory—along with most of the world. The 50 person engineering team, about half of which worked in 2U’s Brooklyn office had to reorganize without slowing down as new and existing customers needed more support.

“Working with Andela has raised the bar for what remote teams can deliver, and has helped us increase productivity before and during the shift to all-remote work,” said engineering director, Nafisa Chowdhury. “We had
playbooks that we could implement with teams that were new to all-remote work.”

With Andela, the 2U team maintained pre-shutdown productivity and even gained ground in some areas by standardizing how to work side-by-side while remote.

The ability to say to Andela, we need two new developers in two weeks, and in two weeks they show up, they’re onboarded, they’re ready to go, and all we need to do is make sure that they have the right access, that’s huge. There aren’t very many outsourcing partners that can do that.

Justin Johnson, VP of Engineering at 2U

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