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Lessonly Hires Andela Engineers and Moves Upmarket With Enterprise Solutions

Andela engineers were instrumental in helping Lessonly improve existing features products and building new ones with dramatic results.

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When working with Remote Developers, “distributed” does NOT have to mean “difficult.”

The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Measuring Software Development ROI

Check out our robust guide on how to track, measure, and report on software development KPIs, metrics, and ROI.

(Nearly) Everything you Need to Know about Hiring Developers

All companies share one thing in common: the challenge of hiring new talent.

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The most brilliant minds in QA engineering choose Andela. And with good reason. Our meticulous vetting process proves that we are serious about drawing in only the best talents and ascertaining the best-fit company matches.

Today, many of our successful candidates are in key leadership roles and driving the success of their QA programs. Their globally diverse experiences provide the multifaceted perspective necessary for understanding complex customer workflows and designing insightful solutions adapted to specific customer requirements.

Ashrika Agarwal
Helsinki, Finland
  • Ashrika is a versatile, high-energy software QA tester with 6+ years of experience. She is has achieved distinction for executing prestigious projects of large magnitude within strict timelines. Ashrika successfully creates, scales, and optimizes software products, and excels executing big ideas within given constraints. Her instincts are good, but she makes decisions based on data. Well acquainted with all phases of the SDLC and STLC, she still educates, refines, and drives herself to be better -- constantly learning because she never settles. Calm when faced with adversity, Ashrika is focused on making high-quality decisions.
    • TestNG
    • TestCafe
    • Git
    • Selenium
    • Java 8
    • Python
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Kevin Bett
Nairobi, Kenya
  • I am a creative QA analyst and software developer who believes the future will be written on the foundations of code. I am passionate about software engineering and I strive to deliver excellence. I harbor a special interest in Quality Assurance (QA), web development, and data engineering. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Catholic University Of Eastern Africa with 4 years of experience in software development.
    • Selenium
    • Mocha
    • Nightwatch.js
    • Python
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Ademola Bhadmus
Lagos, Nigeria
  • An experienced QA expert, I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I have a great passion for quality assurance particularly software. I can automate in Python for Selenium-based frameworks. I also use Behave with Python to implement BDD tests, as well as Robot Framework for BDD and KDD tests, and I use CypressIO for non-Selenium based frameworks. In addition, I also automate mobile apps using Python and Appium. Furthermore, I automate APIs using Python and Locustio. I automate graphql using Python as well.
    • Selenium
    • TestNG
    • Python 3
    • Java
    • REST
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Nesma Ashraf
Alexandria, Egypt
  • Nesma is an ISTQB-certified Quality Control Engineer. She has 6+ years of hands-on experience with testing of all types, including functional, non-functional, compatibility, integration, system, regression, automation, and acceptance testing in both Waterfall and Agile environments. Nesma is an expert at analyzing requirements documents, and designing and executing test cases and plans. She is self-motivated and experienced in using database queries and manipulation for testing purposes.
    • Selenium
    • SQL
    • Java
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Mira Abdelmalek
Cairo, Egypt
  • Mira is a dedicated QA engineer with five years of experience in manual and automation testing using Java and Selenium. She also performs exploratory and usability testing, challenging the current testing tools/approaches and identifying improvement areas.
    • Selenium
    • TestNG
    • Appium
    • Java
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Jude Ibegbulam
  • Jude is a certified QA Engineer with full system development life cycle experience, including designing, developing and implementing test plans, test cases and test processes. With in-depth experience in software testing, automation and development in the Payments, Apps, Banking and Fintech domain, he is able to deliver and meet stakeholders requirements.
    • Selenium
    • TestNG
    • Java
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Wilson Gumba
Nairobi, Kenya
  • I am a Quality Assurance Engineer, experienced in manual and automation testing in Mobile, Web, API and Desktop applications. I am ISTQB Certified in Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer (CTAL-TAE), Advanced Level Test Analyst (CTAL-TA), Advanced Level Test Manager (CTAL-TM) and Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) among other qualifications.
    • Selenium
    • Appium
    • Java
    • Python
    • Mocha
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Vikas Ojha
Jaipur, India
  • Accomplished QA consultant, Vikas is a senior Python developer with extensive experience and expertise in Django, automation, and databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, NoSQL). He is also skilled in Ruby, Celery, Mechanize, Beautiful Soup, and Selenium and offers services in web automation, automated screen scraping, bot development, Python development, and other IT projects.
    • Selenium
    • MySQL
    • Celery
    • Python
    • SQL
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How to Hire QA Engineers through Andela

Talk to One of Our Industry Experts

Our engineering team will work with you to fully understand your technical needs, culture, and strategic route.

Work With Hand-Selected Talent

Within two to four business days after first reaching out to Andela, we will match you with the right QA engineer. We deliver high-quality work, on time and at the velocity you require to meet your time-sensitive deadlines.

The Right Fit, Guaranteed

We will be with you every step of the onboarding process to help ensure a seamless process and team integration.


Why Andela

In today’s increasingly competitive hiring landscape, many companies are constantly pressed for time to fill vacancies for QA consultants and engineers. Helping them efficiently meet the challenge of finding the best-fit talent to match their work culture and financial requirements is where we come in.

Andela is the leading engineering marketplace that combines human resources expertise with the most advanced algorithms to help secure the best talent for you, even at crunch time.

FEATURES For scaling engineering teams with global, remote talent FREELANCE MARKETPLACE For hiring contractors quickly and cost-effectively FULL-TIME MARKETPLACE For hiring full-time employees without vetting or support STAFF AUGMENTATION For increasing development velocity for short-term needs OUTSOURCING FIRMS For long-term projects without team integration
Timezone overlap
Vetted and matched
Global talent
Embedded Manager

Scholarships for the Next Generation of QA Engineers

We are committed to helping equip QA engineers to become tomorrow’s thought leaders. Through the Andela Learning Community (ALC) and in partnership with tech forerunners like Google, Amazon, and Pluralsight, we provide scholarships to maximize untapped potential.

Nurturing the Next Generation of Technology Leaders

Our ALC mentorship programs help enable Andela’s pool of experienced and skilled QA consultants or QA experts to guide software developers at the beginning of their careers. From this program, many engineers have gone on to join the Andela Talent Network, mentor others, and continue to grow as leaders in their fields.


Why do great QA experts choose Andela?

Andela matches experts with long-term remote QA opportunities at leading companies. Additionally, Andela provides professional growth opportunities including a global talent community, compensation and career coaching, educational resources, and ongoing support.

When can I expect my first match with an Andela engineer?

Depending on the seniority, skillset, and time zone requirements for your QA consultant, you may be able to start reviewing profiles as early as two to four business days after first reaching out to Andela.

What makes Andela different?

Andela uses technology to find and vet exceptional talent from emerging markets to fully embed them in your team. When you work with Andela, you can expect QA talent who will contribute not only technical expertise, but also global perspectives, growth mindsets, and long-term commitment, all backed by a support team who is available at every step of the way.

How does Andela ensure long-term success?

Our team leverages human expertise as well as smart matching automation to match clients with the right talent based on work schedule, tech stacks, team dynamics, and overall best fit, as well as delivering continuous hands-on support from start to finish.

Does Andela offer additional benefits to technical talent?

Beyond exclusive career opportunities, Andela provides QA experts with educational discounts, exclusive events, varied course formats, and exposure to scholarships with companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, as well as additional benefits via Deel.

What regions does Andela cover?

Although our roots are in Africa, Andela’s talent now includes technical experts from all over the world. Whether you’re in San Francisco or Dublin, our team can help you find the right Quality Assurance talent for your needs with up to five hour overlap with your working hours.

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