An untapped pool of talent

Based in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda, Andela developers work as full-time, remote engineers with leading technology firms around the world.

Code more, manage less

Do you have a growth path and promotion schedule for your developers? Andela does. The more results your Andela developer drives for you, the faster we level them up.

A trusted pipeline of talent

Hire more efficiently and build a sustainable pipeline of talent. Find developers with the right technical expertise and work style to accelerate your team’s output.

Access a global talent pool

Andela developers primarily work remotely from one of our three African tech campuses. Andelans travel to your HQ for at least 2 weeks to build rapport with the team in-person.

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Talent Person
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How we develop developers

Continuous learning is a core feature of our process. Developers are incentivised to level-up and improve their skills through our Developer Framework – a measurable and transparent way to evaluate technical talent.

Matching talent to teams

We take a data-driven approach to hiring, developing, and matching developers with partners.

Matching Talent Team Person
Matching Talent Team Person

Developers spend 6 months in intensive onboarding with our senior engineers.

We assess 900+ skills across 6 key areas of success and track progress daily.

We leverage the 1,000+ data points on each developer’s technical and professional skill set to match them with the right partner.

/ Assess

Our engineers evaluate your technical needs and design a custom solution for growing your team.

/ Match

We select the best developers for your team based on technical expertise and culture fit.

/ Onboard

We onboard your developers and they start contributing, supported by our senior engineering staff.

/ Integrate

We fly your Andela developers out to your HQ for at least two weeks to build rapport with the team in-person.

Support Person

Support as you scale

You’ll have a dedicated Partner Experience Manager to ensure your needs are being met. Your Andela team is also getting access to a Success Manager who is providing mentorship as well as ongoing learning and development.

Always be learning

Unlike traditional hires, our developers are incentivized to learn and develop on the job. We’re doing ongoing maintenance and system-wide upgrades to our talent all the time.

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Experts in managing a distributed workforce

We believe that in order to make online work possible, offline connections are necessary. Whether you’re already a leader in remote or distributed work, or it’s your first time managing a remote employee, Andela can help you institute best practices to ensure seamless communication and collaboration across your team.

See how The Zebra grew from two developers to 17

Speed to scale

We reduce the time it takes to find great developer talent. Companies can spend 65+ hours over 59 days recruiting and vetting each developer hire. By partnering with Andela, we can be up and running within two weeks of an initial call.

Hire developers in days, not months.

Hire Developers

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