Focus your experience on shaping the next generation of Africa’s tech leaders.

Andela is searching for experienced tech managers to join us as Technical Success Managers (TSMs) or Senior Technical Consultants (STCs). TSMs and STCs work closely with junior developers, guiding the development of their skills as they work on real projects with our partner companies.


As a technical team lead, you’ll work with companies that range from Microsoft and IBM to some of the fastest-growing startups in San Francisco, New York, and beyond.

Why Choose Andela?

Our Technical Success Managers and Senior Technical Consultants explain why they believe Andela gives them the best opportunity to drive the future of African tech:

Adegbenga A. Adeye

Technical Success Manager


Andela encourages me to push developers to push themselves. It’s the best way they can learn, and Andelans understand that.

Mohamed Omar

Technical Success Manager


Within one or two generations, we can turn Africa into the top of the tech world, and I believe this is where it will start.

Peter Njoroge Nyambura

Technical Success Manager


Culture is what counts. Here, it’s not just about technology—it’s about helping developers understand the importance of problem-solving.

Aretha Kebirungi

Senior Technical Consultant


I saw an opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream of helping and mentoring upcoming developers to be far better and get to places they never imagined they could get to.

Ebot Tabi

Senior Technical Consultant


Working at Andela provides me with the sense of contributing to the worldwide population which positively impact society with the applications and technology I am working on.

James Maina

Senior Technical Consultant


The developers at Andela are working on cool projects for big companies. I think that’s how we’ll get Africa on the world tech map.

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