Small but Mighty: Mbithe’s Guide to Testing a Python/Flask App With Selenium WebDriver

If height were a direct indicator of coding abilities, Mbithe might find herself at a sharp disadvantage in the tech world. Luckily for us, it is not. Mbithe is a software developer based in Nairobi, Kenya and what she lacks in height, she makes up in intellect. She is one of our fiercest developers, specializing in Python and Javascript. She is currently on her first visit to the United States to speak at tech conferences including ASU GSV Summit in Salt Lake City and Propelify in New Jersey.


Recently, Mbithe developed a two-part tutorial for testing a Python/Flask App with Selenium WebDriver on These tutorials function as an informational guide to walk developers through the process of establishing tests for the front-end of a web application. This allows them to simulate a user of the application through common activities like registration and logging in, very essential components of any product, to determine where to make functional improvements.


Developers Jackline Kimani (Blue shirt) and Mbithe Nzomo (Pink top)


To read the full tutorials, and learn about building out front end web test, check out Part 1: Test a Python/Flask App With Selenium WebDriver and Part 2: Test a Flask App With Selenium WebDriver.

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