Meet Andela at Evanta’s CIO Executive Summit in Dallas

In a recent Glassdoor survey, 61% of new employees reported their role did not fit the expectations put forth during the interview process. With companies scrambling to fill headcount, CIOs should ask themselves if they are truly attracting the talent they are wishing to hire. Hosted and Moderated by Chris Chilton, Head of Data Practice […]

VIP Executive Dinner with Andela

On May 18th, experience a variety of food and drinks as you join us for an exclusive, invite-only Executive Dinner. Hosted by Chris Chilton, Head of Data and Cloud Practices at Andela and discussion leader of our executive roundtable “Building a Transparent Hiring Process and Onboarding the Right Talent” at Evanta Dallas.You’ll get the opportunity […]

How to hire and manage a global team

Ismael Mouradi is the Director of Talent Acquisition at Foodics, a company creating end-to-end POS and Restaurant Management solution. He recently had a quick chat with Andela about ways hiring and managing a remote team has increased flexibility, new talent, and weekly ritual.   Augment industry tools with unique rituals With operations spread across five countries […]

Tips for technologists: Rewarding greatness in teams

As part of our Writer’s Room blog series – articles and tutorials written by technologists from within our Andela Community – Fullstack Engineer Ewere Ebie discusses how organizations can reward greatness in the teams. In a tech ecosystem that is based around collaboration and team effort, the tendency to overlook individual brilliance cannot be overstated. […]

Three ways to overcome remote work challenges

Albane Bruyas knows one size does not fit all. Bruyas, the COO of Scaleway, a French infrastructure cloud provider, stopped to chat with Andela at Web Summit 2021 about hybrid work, scaling, and how the company conquered COVID challenges.   Let your people form their own hybrid working models  Scaleway has a fully remote policy, but […]

ReactJS: Creating a Custom Select/Dropdown

Continuity of elements on a website across browsers is essential. I was excited to be asked to create a ReactJs tutorial for a custom select element, so that when implemented on a website the dropdown menu looks the same in all browsers. This type of dropdown menu in CSS can be necessary because the built-in browser […]

Managing Remote Data Teams with VP of Engineering

Valter Fernandes is the VP of Engineering at Carpe Data, a leading provider of data products that help insurance companies automate and streamline their processes. Andela sat down with Valter to discuss how this now office-first company met the challenges and opportunities of going remote during the pandemic.  Find the right balance to promoting productivity […]

Using Golang to Create a RESTful JSON API

In this article, we will look in-depth at the process of creating an API that will let users both create and view events. If you’re interested in exploring further, you can find the final source code for this tutorial on GitHub. Steps to take before getting started To work through the tutorial, you need to […]

Director of Engineering at Trustly on Remote Teams

At Web Summit 2021, we connected with Christianne N. De Carvalho, Director of Engineering and General Manager at Trustly, a Swedish FinTech company whose mission is to help customers pay online directly from their bank accounts. She shared her insights on what it takes to make a global team productive, successful, and happy. Respect is […]

How African developers are building a world-leading community

In late 2021, Andela commissioned the Africa Developer Survey, designed to shine a spotlight on the often under-represented continent of Africa, and the plethora of talented technologists operating within. From insights into education, remote work, and the start-up culture permeating the industry, the report captured the DNA of Africa’s technologists, emphasizing the untapped potential of […]

Andela’s Brand Evolution

Since our beginning in 2014, Andela has existed to connect skilled technologists around the world with forward-thinking companies. Over the years, we’ve grown from bootcamps and agency models through talent networks into a full-blown marketplace offering a variety of services and a direct connection between talent and clients.  Our most recent $200M Series E announcement […]

Africa Developer Survey: The next frontier for global skills

The shift towards remote work has had a significant impact on IT developers across Africa, opening up new opportunities and enabling them to start working with some of the world’s largest companies.  This is one of the key findings of Andela’s Africa Developer Survey, which polled over 1,000 developers across the continent in September last […]

Expert insights: Kristin Stevens on technical recruiting in a remote landscape

Technological innovation is transforming the nature of healthcare for providers and consumers alike. From virtual appointments to mobile-enabled medical devices, healthcare industry companies are using data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to create personalized, tech-driven care.  So what goes into successful technical recruiting that drives impact? As Lead Technical Recruiter at Andela, I’m finely […]

How women in leadership at Andela #BreakTheBias

Every day, women continue to face biases at work that keep them from reaching their true potential. This International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we spoke to leaders at Andela who are women at the helm of great change at our company. They shared their insights on what #BreakTheBias means to them and what […]

Meet Andela at HIMSS

Remote work is here to stay. Is the current hiring status quo working for everyone? When hiring locally is no longer sustainable, emerging markets hold a wealth of tech talent. Join our chat covering: Join Kristin Stevens, Lead Technical Recruiter at Andela and moderated by Bree Havel, Head of Integrated Campaigns at Andela, as they […]

International Women’s Day: Breaking the bias for women in tech – with Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code

The remote world is unlocking for everyone —but specifically software engineers— amazing job opportunities with international companies like never before. Whether it is an opportunity with a hot, VC-backed exploding startup, a tech unicorn, or a rock-solid large corporation, being prepared with insider information is vital to be able to eloquently tell your story in a compelling and desirable way.

#BreakTheBias: Andela and International Women’s Day 2022

Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive.  Andela is committed to building workplaces where women thrive, increasing visibility while calling out inequality. This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating women who break boundaries, break the glass ceiling, and break the bias. To #BreakTheBias, […]

Tips for technologists: Innovation through collaboration

As a technologist, collaboration and teamwork are essential parts of daily work life. For Software Developers and Engineers, in particular, collaboration unlocks creativity, inspires innovation, minimizes error, and offers room for growth and experimentation.  A key part of a technologist’s role is to research, understand and gather data to innovate and meet the demands of […]

Blockchain: More than just the new kid on the block

Blockchain, Web 3.0, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin are popular buzzwords that often creep into articles and blogs discussing the latest tech trends. Usually, when people hear terms to do with blockchain technology, it can sound like just another new, shiny technology on the block, added to the long list of things technologists need to work their […]