Key skills to look out for when hiring Golang developers

Go—often referred to as Golang—is an open source programming language that was designed by Google in 2007 with a focus on simplicity, reliability and efficiency. The project became open source and was released publicly in 2012. It quickly gained popularity and has become a leading modern programming language.  According to the Developer Ecosystem Survey 2020, […]

Meet Andela at Evanta’s CIO Executive Summit

Tech salaries increased by 3.6% in 2020 and quit rates for companies without a flexible work model are predicted to rise as high as 2.5% in 2022. Local engineers working from home have more options now than ever before. If remote is here to stay, is the current status quo still working for everyone? The […]

Three ways to build a successful remote onboarding

Having trained countless new hires over the past seven years, I’ve seen first-hand what it takes to run a successful onboarding program that inspires, enables, and engages new hires. A new employee’s first few interactions with a company can set the tone for their entire time in the role, including how empowered they feel to […]

Key skills to look out for when hiring DevOps engineers

Over the last ten years, DevOps has grown from a niche endeavor to a fundamental pillar of high-performing engineering teams. Hiring DevOps engineers has become tricker, however, as demand has skyrocketed, with all kinds of different roles and responsibilities trying to lay claim to ‘DevOps’ status. So how do you know if your candidate is […]

Key skills to look out for when hiring Java developers

Java is a cross-platform, object-oriented programming language designed to be used in the distributed environment of the internet.  Created in 1995, it has become one of the most popular programming languages in history. The Popularity of Programming Languages Index ranks Java as the second most popular language in 2021. Known for its simplicity, security, versatility […]

Busting the myths of programmer productivity

What makes a productive programmer?  The concept of ‘more haste less speed’ applies across almost every field, and programming is no exception. While coders have built a reputation of long hours of furious work fuelled by coffee and energy drinks to hit unrealistic deadlines, this isn’t a sustainable approach and not always the most productive […]

Enterprise Software Division of $20B Professional Services Industry Leader Leverages Andela’s Salesforce Expertise

When IT leadership at this Professional Services Industry Leader selected Salesforce as an alternative to the homegrown assignment system, they needed Salesforce project management experts to assist them with implementation and scaling. Andela brought in senior level product management expertise with oversight from a 20+ year experienced Salesforce practice leader to assist with scoping system […]

Level up your interview skills and secure your dream role!

There’s no escaping it: virtual interviews are the new normal, especially for digital professionals who work from home. And while we’re all reaping the many benefits of remote working, we’re also finding ways to integrate home offices, curious children and hyperactive pets into the interview process. From technical assessments to one-on-one introductions, how do you […]

The future of Android UI development

Taking Android UI development to the next level The adage goes: “a worker is only as good as their tools,” and the same applies to developers.  The ability of a developer to work quickly and efficiently is often dictated by the tools they have available. A better toolset won’t change the skill of the developer, […]

The Andela guide to Hacktoberfest 2021

Calling all coders! From the first winter chill to the flowering buds of spring, October heralds a change in the seasons across the globe. But in the tech world, October can mean only one thing: Hacktoberfest is here. And this year those niggling little spam issues of old have finally been resolved! What is Hacktoberfest? […]