Now Accepting: Andela Kenya’s First All-Female Developer Cohort

By Cesar Rufo   Earlier this week, the Andela team celebrated March 8th — International Women’s Day — in Lagos, Nairobi, and NYC.   For us, the celebration of #IWD2016 doesn’t stop there.   We’re excited to announce that Andela Kenya is now accepting applications for its first ever All-Female Developer Cohort in Nairobi, Kenya.   Andela on Twitter Happy International Women’s […]

Mind the Gap: The 100-Year Talent & Education Gap

By the GSV team as published in the GSV blog   This week, IBM announced a partnership with Andelaas part of its Big Data Universityinitiative, which aims to train one million data scientists around the world in the next 10 years.   Whats fascinating is that Andela launched by 2U Co-Founder Jeremy Johnson in 2014 […]

4 Tips To Build A Distributed Team

  So the future of work is distributed, you say? We agree — and this “future” may be much closer than you think.   According to recent reports, the number of employees working remotely has more than doubled in the past ten years. If you’re thinking “we don’t do remote,” consider this: Companies that have adapted […]

How Andela Beat Facebook On GitHub’s Top Trending List

By Christine Magee   On Sunday, Prosper Otemuyiwa, lead trainer and developer at Andela’s Lagos campus, released his latest project on Github — just one of thousands that he’s posted over the past four years. Called “Laravel Hackathon Starter Pack,” it’s a tool to help developers get up-and-running quickly with MVPs.   Within four days […]

The Future of Work Will Be Distributed

By John Melas-Kyriazi   I’m sitting in our San Francisco office. With a few taps on my smartphone, I’m on Facetime with colleagues in Lagos, Nigeria, getting a live update on a new hire for one of our portfolio companies. This is as close as we can get to teleportation in 2016, and it allows […]

Is Africa Hiding the Next Mark Zuckerberg?

By Jeremy Johnson and Iyinoluwa Aboyeji as published on The Wall Street Journal   On May 14th, 1984, Mark Zuckerberg was born in Westchester County, N.Y., to a dentist and a psychiatrist. Twenty years later, he launched the initial version of “Thefacebook” out of his Harvard dorm room. In August, a decade after opening to […]

4 Reasons Africa is the Rising Star of the Tech World

By Jeremy Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder of Andela   With the world’s youngest, fastest-growing population, Africa is also the world’s largest source of untapped talent. But that talent pool is starting to be tapped as tech employers, large and small, turn their attention to the continent’s potential.   There are many economic, cultural, political and […]

Talking Talent with Stack Overflow & The Muse

Last week, in honor of the two Andela developers in town from Lagos, Nigeria, we hosted an event at Fueled with Jon Chan, head developer evangelist from Stack Overflow, and Yusuf Simonson, CTO of The Muse. The evening offered us and others in the ecosystem a chance to peer into the minds of two super […]

Why Udacity Chose Andela to Accelerate their Tech Team

“With Andela…We actually took a project that took 90 days and did it in 45.”   Meet Udacity – creators of the “Nanodegree,” builders of an online university and one of Andela’s latest partner success stories. Udacity needed to quickly scale their tech team to build platforms that supported email marketing and connected graduates with […]

Tech Talent Born in Africa Will Play a Transformational Role in IT

By Gary Beach as published in CIO Journal of The Wall Street Journal   By 2025 I guarantee every chief information officer reading this column will employ staff in Africa in some capacity.   My unorthodox prediction is based on data culled from “The Skills Gap Almanac,” a project I manage on Twitter at #skillsgapalmanac. […]

New Guys- An Orientation For Offshore Colleagues

By Lizzie Widdicombe, New Yorker     It’s tough being the new guy at work. There are protocols to master, computer programs to navigate, desk locations to commit to memory. Then there are the social perils, best encapsulated by an old Onion headline: “INTERN STRIKES UP FRIENDSHIP WITH LEAST-RESPECTED EMPLOYEE.”   When Tolu Komolafe and […]

This is Andela

The journey that led us to start Andela began some time ago. In 2008, I co-founded 2U, an education technology company whose mission is to bring great universities online. By working with universities like Georgetown, Berkeley, and Northwestern, we helped build the first generation of online programs that had better student outcomes – graduation rates, […]