Why Coders Should Care About Ethics

The average coder’s work isn’t particularly fraught with moral dilemmas or questions bordering on ethical consequences. Unless what they’re building is a product or service that directly impacts the quality of life of the users of said product or service. As technology products pervade our way of life more and more, it is increasingly apparent […]

Andela Hackdays: Smart Solutions

On August 3, 2018, Andela’s Technology team premiered Hackdays – an exercise that allows our engineers to take a 24-hour break from everything to break things and hack away. As odd as that may sound, it is every bit an invigorating experience for everyone involved. We take pride in the creativity and ingenuity of our […]

Engineering a Global Team Learning Solution

By Dana Jones of Fractured Atlas “Andela works with companies around the world, scaling their engineering teams with full-time devs – Fractured Atlas is one of those companies. Dana, Software Engineering Lead at Fractured Atlas talks about their experience as a 100% remote team.” At Fractured Atlas, our Engineering team is 100% remote. While we […]

Queued By The DJ: Rukayat Odukoya’s Developer Journey

At Andela, when the occasion serves us, we know how to put together a party. It’s easy to think that our developer conferences (which occasionally happen at all our locations) are the only fun events we have. After all, we’re an organization comprised mostly of software developers and technologists, aren’t we? We also throw down […]

From Cream to Code: Seun Agbeye’s Developer Journey

Seun Agbeye’s journey into software development began where many young people’s dreams begin: a Hollywood blockbuster film. Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible franchise was all the rave, and Seun – like many other teenagers back then – was enthralled by the story. “I have always been obsessed with technology but I never knew what I wanted […]

Overhaul: The Open Source Tool To Spruce up Nigeria’s Reddit.

When, on July 10th, Chinedu Daniel launched Overhaul, a Google Chrome extension he built, which automatically updates the look and feel of – Nigeria’s premier online forum, the reception was near euphoric.   Anyone who frequents Nairaland – and millions do so daily, has probably either wondered why the site’s user interface hasn’t got […]

An Open Source Culture Pushes Everyone Forward

Over the last half-decade, the number of young people in Africa embarking on a career path in software has been on the rise as a tech renaissance sweeps across the continent. From senior developers working full-time jobs or freelancing from the comfort of their homes, to junior and mid-level programmers honing their craft, the developer […]

The Formula for Growing High-Performance Teams

High-performance teams (HPTs) is a concept of organization development referring to teams that are highly focused on their goals and that achieve superior business results. I have been intrigued by the HPTs concept since I started leading teams, and I have read a number of blog posts about this topic. However, the vast majority of […]

ALCwithGoogle (ALC 3.0) May 2018

Andela, Google and Udacity came together to scale our programs to 17 africal nations via ALC 3.0. Having learnt how to manage large communities, provide personalised support and track learning in our previous programs, we felt it was time to expand and support over 15,000 scholars. The Results Testimonials Google scholarship(ALC 3.0) ALC 3.0 in a […]

Architecture Reviews Without The Hassle

Traditional architecture reviews can be hectic. A group of senior engineers who disagree on the best approach to take, and question the need for the Architect sitting across from them who supposedly has all the answers. Great engineers have strong opinions, which is a good thing. Diverse opinions in engineering teams can lead to great […]

ALCwithGoogle (ALC 2.0) November 2017

After a successful pilot of the Android Learning Community  with over 50% program completion rate,  Google strengthened her partnership with Andela and Udacity to run a new program, the Andela Learning Community (ALC) 2.0  that expanded it’s  reach and the number of tracks.  The program  sort to empower Nigerian and Kenyan technologists to successfully become […]

Thinking Outside the Cube: Layer

Layer’s VP of Engineering’s three rules to rock distributed Thinking Outside the Cube is a series of posts that introduce unique insights from CTOs and other tech leaders at companies who have successfully implemented distributed models—a more thorough version of remote work—into their workforce policies.   —   Like many of its counterparts and competitors […]

GraphQL: Queries, Mutuations and Subscriptions

In my first article, I talked about GraphQL types and relationships. This time, I’ll be focusing on queries, mutations and subscriptions. lI’ll also provide an overview of how variables are used. This is all necessary setup for the final piece in this series, where I’ll show you how to combine all this knowledge together to […]

GraphQL: Types and Relationships

This is a multi-part tutorial by Kingdom Orjiewuru, an Andela Developer based in Lagos. By the time you finish reading this article, you should have a clear understanding of GraphQL types and schema to the extent that you can create them yourself. And if you’re an absolute beginner, don’t fret—think of GraphQL schema as just […]

A Dive Into Python Closures and Decorators – Part 1

This is a multi-part guest tutorial post by Moyosore Sosan, an Andela developer based in Lagos.   We will be looking at local functions, the concepts of closure and what decorators are, sounds like a lot? Then let’s dive into it.   Local functions   Probably most functions you are familiar with are either defined in […]

Build an iOS app from scratch

This is a three-part guest tutorial post by Johnson Ejezie, an Andela developer based in Lagos. iOS app: From scratch to app store Part 1 What we will be building We will be using the traktv api to build a movie and tv show app. We will be figuring out functionalities to add to our […]

Re-upping on a birthday pledge to be limitless

Last year I advised that we all abandon “sure,” and I pledged to give 100% to my work at Andela. This year, after both struggle and triumph, I’m renewing that pledge. Why? Well, it’s not just because I believe in the mission, my team, and our chances to impact the future of tech work and […]

How to Setup a React Environment Using Webpack and Babel

More and more devs are using React, a Facebook and community developed JavaScript library, to craft the kinds of data-heavy, auto-uploading web apps that are used for things like making live social streams populate and render seamlessly. Featuring a multitude of native-use advantages, its use has grown markedly over the past four years, finding favor […]

Deploying A Docker Application On Google Container Engine

The Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing service from Google that offers a set of enterprise capabilities that leverages the same technologies that are used at Google. It provides a multitude of advantages, including instant scaling of any online solution and live migration of Virtual Machine functionality.   In this tutorial, John Kariuki, […]

Welcoming Uganda to the Andela Family

When we launched in Nigeria three years ago, there’s no way we could have predicted how much of a continent-wide phenomenon Andela would become. In that time, we’ve grown from a founding team of six to over 600 Andelans spanning three countries and two continents.   Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our […]

How to Use JavaScript Hoisting to Your Advantage

Hoisting in JavaScript is a tricky technique, but when used correctly can be beneficial to your code. However, if misused it can turn a harmless looking declaration into a persistent issue. Hoisting is a mechanism where variables and function declarations are moved to the top of their scope before code execution. In this tutorial, Nairobi-based […]

Andela Opens New Nigerian HQ! Hint: It’s EPIC

At Andela, we consider ourselves pretty Excellent. We love to infuse Passion into our work. We approach our gigs with Integrity, and we leverage the amazing people that surround us through relentless Collaboration. In short, we’re a pretty EPIC company.   These EPIC values are Andela’s core values—they guide our mission, illustrate our vision, and […]

Andela Gives Back to Local Communities with TeenCode Initiative

This is a guest post by Andela Developer, Gertrude Nyenyeshi.   “Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.” – Jennifer Fleming   TeenCode Africa is an initiative started by Andela developers that introduces programming techniques to African teenagers. This is in a bid to accelerate the development of technology in Africa […]

A Case for Progressive Web Applications

TL;DR — If your company is or is planning on doing business in emerging markets, architecting your web applications for performance through progressive enhancements is one easy way to drastically improve accessibility, retention, and user experience.   Disclaimer: It so happens that not only people in emerging markets suffer from poor networks.   Towards the […]

New Podcast: Building for the Next Billion

If there is one thing most people can agree on, it’s that podcasts are awesome. We are excited to announce the launch of Building for the Next Billion, Andela’s podcast discussing the most prominent trends in software development with leading technologists from around the globe. This will serve as an unbiased platform for engineers to […]