Convergence KE: Building World-class Technology Teams

What’s the difference between a good engineer and a great engineer? Is there such a thing as a world-class engineer? If so, what cuts you out of the crowd to get the much-acclaimed status of a world-class engineer? As an engineering lead (director, chief architect, technical team lead, et al), what qualities do you look […]

How To Create Your First Firebase Cloud Function Project

This is a tutorial on how you can create your first Firebase Cloud Function project. Prerequisites: 1. Firebase project. 2. Very basic knowledge of Node.js 3. Knowledge of NoSQL database What is Firebase Cloud Function? Cloud Functions for Firebase lets you automatically run backend code in response to events triggered by Firebase features and HTTPS […]

How Developers Measure and Optimize Web Performance

This post is meant to sensitize us on the importance of the performance of our web apps. If you are like me, when you started in software development, your initial concern was getting your code to run and for the application to go live. Later, you start to grapple with delivering the best user experience […]

Configuring Vim and TMux to Boost Your Productivity.

Why Vim and TMux? Vim is a modal, highly customizable and lightweight text/code editor that comes preinstalled on most *nix machines. As the word modal suggests, it supports various modes of execution allowing one to achieve text manipulation objectives using powerful and finely-tuned built-in commands and user-defined macros. Vim’s modality being its most powerful feature also make it incredibly […]

Al Gore Talks Impact Investing at Andela HQ

Last month, Andela had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Al Gore to its New York City office for a distributed friendly fireside chat with Andela CEO and Co-Founder Jeremy Johnson. Afterwards, Mr. Gore took questions from employees across our offices in New York, Lagos, Kampala and Nairobi.  In addition to being the former Vice President […]

Software Engineers to The Power of X: Kingdom Orjiewuru

As part of the Power of X Campaign, we’re showcasing some of Andela’s software engineers and the exciting projects they’re working on for Andela’s partner companies. This series shows how the work software engineers do impacts not just the companies’ bottom line, but the lives of users. Interviews have been transcribed and edited to fit […]

#150DaysofALC4: Share Your Journey

Learning how to code is a marathon, in the sense that it is a test of endurance and persistence. Like all high-performance activities, the prize gets more visibility than the journey. But there’d be no prize without the journey. ALC 4.0, in partnership with Andela, Google and PluralSight has kicked off, and for 33,000 selected […]

How Percolate Bypassed the Competition with Andela

Percolate is the leading content marketing platform for the enterprise. Built by marketers for marketers and founded to help brands grow in a world transformed by social and mobile technology, Percolate offers solutions to introduce visibility into the marketing process, improve coordination of work, and effectively build marketing campaigns and content. Stiff Competition and No […]

How To Work in a High-Performance Team

Before we talk about how to work in a high-performance team, it is important to define what it means. Well, one could say it is a team whose performance is high, but that’s quite vague. Clearly put, a high-performance team is a kind of team whose expectations are high, delivery time is short, quality of […]

Debunking Developer Myths

When HackerRank asked engineers to list their top hiring challenges in 2018, 41% pointed to an overall lack of candidates, while 28% noted a lack of diversity. Scaling your team with the right developers – and diverse developers – sometimes feels like an impossible task. But it doesn’t have to be. It only becomes impossible […]

Andela Helps Weave Scale their Engineering Hiring

Weave gives high-touch, service-based businesses a unified and integrated suite of communications tools to connect and share information seamlessly. By combining customer communication with customer data in one smart, care-centric interaction, Weave helps improve scheduling, customer response, online reputation, team workflow, and revenue generation. A deeply intentional company culture keeps Weave ranked #1 place to […]

How Headspace optimized customer experience

Headspace is a pocket-sized personal meditation guide that helps users achieve healthier, happier, more well-rested lives with less stress, fewer distractions, better focus, and enhanced compassion through guided meditation and mindfulness practices. Committed to customer experience and engagement, they knew they’d need a way to support their growing user base from an engineering perspective. More […]

How Developers Can Fight Procrastination

Let’s understand what this word even means before we dive into fighting it as a vice. I googled it and this meaning came up — “the action of delaying or postponing something”. Google’s description is entirely accurate. In more literal terms, it is that voice that pops up inside your head, whenever there is something super important […]

Andela Welcomes Serena Ventures!

Earlier this year Andela announced raising a $100M Series D to continue investing in great engineers and building the infrastructure to power distributed work. As you may have recently heard, the round also included investment from Serena Ventures, a fund founded by 23-time tennis Grand Slam champion (and G.O.A.T.) Serena Williams. Serena has quietly been […]

How Showclix Overcame the Pittsburgh Talent Shortage and Hit Growth Targets with Andela

ShowClix, a product of Patron Technology, offers a full-service technology solution to help professional event organizers handle ticketing, seating, marketing, analytics, customer support, and on-site operations for events. Pittsburgh-based Showclix faced a shifting and difficult hiring landscape: graduates from the city’s top universities sought more competitive markets and big tech companies opening new Pittsburgh offices […]

Handling Authentication With Google

Authentication is hard. Let Google Handle it for you. Handling user data is probably one of the hardest parts to get right of any application (web or not). There are just so many places for something to go wrong that it becomes really hard to ensure that your app is really secure. Even big companies can fall […]

How to Use GraphQL and Sequelize

Editor’s note: This is the first part of the series submitted by Benny Ogidan, one of the winners of the Andela Life Hacks Competition for March 2019. Ben is a software developer at Andela. Background It is super important to note that this post is not to convince you to start rewriting all your projects […]

Andela Health Hackathon

#AndelaIDIHealthHack The Andela-IDI Health Hackathon is being organised in line withThe Health Innovations Conference.VENUE: Kampala Serena Conference center “Technology for the last mile.” How can technology be used to improve health access for the last mile?In the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is a need to identify teams that are looking to create […]

How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence for the Workplace

Emotional intelligence is currently the most in-demand soft skill, especially in technology. Top companies have realized that employees with high emotional intelligence are able to thrive in the workplace because they possess excellent people skills and an ability to analyze and control situations effectively. Daniel Goleman, in his book titled “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter […]

Extending Andela’s Footprint in 2019

Earlier this year, in January, Andela announced our $100m Series D round. This was yet another symbolic validation of building a business with a purpose. Over the last four years, we have created an on-ramp to the global technology ecosystem for close to 1,200 African engineers, delivered excellent engineering services to hundreds of partner companies, […]