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Before joining Andela as a software developer, Gordon Kisakye spent the first two years after getting his degree in software engineering working at a startup in Kampala. Even though he mostly built websites at the startup, Gordon says it’s the work he put in to try to get through the Andela boot camp that really helped him hone his craft as a software developer.

“My foundation in programming surprisingly had less to do with my software engineering degree and more with my application to Andela that required me to learn most of the basics to get through my application boot camp.”

It is evident that Gordon is passionate about software. He says chose a career in software development because “being a software engineer, creating solutions – in a fun way, is a modern-day superpower.”

Favourite thing about being a software developer

Contributing a solution to a problem by building a product, and then seeing that product in use by the public or intended users, and being able to say, “I did that and now it’s solving a problem for the people that use it,” that’s my favourite part.

Tech stack


Joining Andela…

Gordon currently works with teams within Andela’s Technology Department, working on internal products.

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