Jeremy Johnson Joins The Twenty Minute VC Podcast

In case you missed it, Jeremy sat down with Harry Stebbings during a very special episode of Founders Friday to discuss fundraising, the future of work, and more. We’ve included an outline of the episode below, but be sure to listen to the full podcast audio here!


In This Episode You Will Learn:


1.) How Jeremy made his entry into startups and came to found Andela?


2.) Question from Paige Craig: How did the Zuckerberg-Chan Initiative deal come about? What has been the effect of taking that round for the company and for you as the founder?


3.) How does Jeremy view the contrast between being CEO and being founder? What does he believe makes a truly great CEO?


4.) Andela is an intensely operational and logistics based business, how did Jeremy learn to handle this? What were the fundamental challenges?
5.) How does Jeremy view the future of work? Why does Jeremy believe the future can only be in decentralized work forces?

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