Breaking down key Salesforce roles: What is a Salesforce Consultant?

In this latest installment of our series “Breaking down key Salesforce roles,” we dive into the role of Salesforce Consultants. Read on to learn all about Salesforce Consultants and what you should look for when hiring for this specialized role.

So, what is a Salesforce Consultant?

A Salesforce Consultant is a stakeholder’s Salesforce trusted advisor. They know a stakeholder’s business inside-out and can match business processes with Salesforce solutions. They are committed to solving complex business challenges through process improvements. Often, they’re working with either a relatively new or existing Salesforce implementation to assist in building out custom functionality. 

This role works cross-functionally to add value by recommending appropriate changes or implementations, and then analyzing how this will affect the business. Suppose there’s a third party application or a unique customization that could help the stakeholder; the Salesforce Consultant will know about it and demonstrate how it can help the stakeholder achieve their objectives. 

When hiring Salesforce Consultants, keep an eye out for: 

  • Accountable to technical deliverables, with an eye for opportunity
  • Work across multiple teams, bridging the gap between business problems and technical solutions
  • Future-focused, with an eye for helping to iterate and improve a stakeholder’s Salesforce solutions

Getting the best out of Salesforce requires a combination of specialized talent. Knowing how administrators, developers, architects, business analysts, product managers, and consultants work and the ways they add value is critical for capitalizing on everything Salesforce. 

At Andela, Salesforce specialists work across a wide range of projects to help companies reach their business goals. We know that bringing the right mix of Salesforce Certified professionals into your business will streamline your Salesforce adoption and implementation.

Ready to bring Salesforce Consultants to your team?

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