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Each month, we’ll feature our developers in Lagos and Nairobi to share their unique stories and highlight their contributions to the community.

Creating and Always Giving Back

Adeleke Togun is a 24-year-old Andela developer currently working with CommunityCo, a platform that connects like-minded professionals. He’s fascinated by interaction design. When he’s not working, he loves to create documentary photography.

Adeleke first began coding in 2014, but he’s always been drawn to software development as a means to building things that matter.

Adeleke came upon Andela after a stroke of bad luck. He broke his arm in a car accident, and while he was home from work recovering, he caught a tweet from Andela’s co-founder, Iyin Aboyeji. He was immediately hooked by Andela’s vision.


“ The Andela program taught me how to learn, unlearn and relearn,” stated Togun. “Andela teaches structure. I knew this was something I wanted to try so much so that I travelled down to Lagos for the interview with a broken arm in a cast. It’s how I got the name ‘one-arm Samurai’ at the beginning of my fellowship.

After completing Andela’s technical leadership program, Togun started working as a full-stack developer with CommunityCo. Based in Boston, CommunityCo transforms data, technology and concierge-level community management into personalized, invitation-only communities that connect professionals to the right peers and resources they need to succeed.

“Working with NGOs in the past, I saw first hand the power of collective contribution and learned that with the right community behind you, anything is possible,” Togun explains. “CommunityCo are a bunch of amazing people, focused on proactively connecting members to each other as well as best-in-class resources based on their specific business needs. It’s this type of environment that I appreciate and am excited to be a part of.”

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Over the past 17 months, Togun has worked to increase usability and functionality on CommunityCo’s entrepreneur’s dashboard, and collaborated with the team to make important decisions on the platform.

Using his talent to change both businesses and lives

Togun is also lending his talent to business clients not for profit, but to create social impact. One year ago, he started a project-based charity, “Now We Give,” with a group of friends at Andela. The initial goal was to inspire a movement of sustainable giving and provide an opportunity for skilled professionals to give back with their time and skill.

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Now We Give’s first project provided small businesses affordable access to web development talent so that they can create professional websites in order to compete in today’s global marketplace. All proceeds from the clients were donated to a children’s charity.

“I wanted to help, but did not have a lot of money to give on my own,” said Togun. “Now, by donating my time and skills, and motivating other professionals to do the same, we’ve been able to help businesses and causes at the same time.” Adeleke Togun is involving other developers in this effort and hopes to evolve it into a sustained full-time charity over the coming years.


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