Cent and Fiyin’s Dedication Gets a Payoff

Payoff, a 7 and a half-year-old financial wellness company that provides personal loans to pay off credit card debt, is one of our treasured partners. They’re also hot off a $67.4M funding round (congrats!) that closed earlier this year. They started working with two of our rockstar devs, Cent and Fiyin, in June 2015 to help accelerate their product roadmap, and recently, they had an eventful visit to their Orange County HQ. Of course, no trip to So-Cal would be complete without attending a Lake Show game.


Payoff at Laker game


We make it a priority to ensure that our developers are fully embedded with our partners, from culture, to workflow, and beyond. Payoff CTO Joe Lindsay explains their impact on the company: “At the end of the day, our differentiation is our relationship with our customers, and Cent and Fiyin support the systems that support member experience.”




Joe has developed such a strong bond with Cent and Fiyin that he has their pictures on his desk, next to pictures of his wife and kids. Their VP of Business Development even brought them to his house for Thanksgiving Dinner when they came to visit over the holidays. They really have become a part of the Payoff family.


Innocent Amadi, or Cent as he’s referred to at Andela, is a 25-year-old Full Stack Web Developer. He’s been with us since June of 2015 and just dominates his work with passion and an ever present smile on his face. Since joining Andela, he has built a mini School Management tool (and turned it over to a school that needed it) and volunteered in several activities to help kids learn to code. In addition to official work with Andela partners, he leads the team building/maintaining a Q and A site so staff and developers can easily share knowledge within Andela.


Fiyinfoluwa Simeon Adebayo, or Fiyin as we call him, is a 27-year-old Full Stack Developer specializing in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. He’s been with Andela since November 2014 and has used his knowledge of Ruby on Rails to build a financial forecasting application that helps budget and track expenses and personal financial transactions. He was part of a team that built a crowdfunding app, Andonation, for raising funds for a campaign/cause (similar to kickstarter.com) with Ruby on Rails. He is committed to using his skills and technology to touch lives and invariably change the world.


Andela, if you’re not familiar, provides a platform for technologists to accelerate their software development expertise, work with the world’s leading engineering teams and become technology leaders themselves. In order to accomplish this, we partner with mission aligned companies to accelerate their growth. It’s a truly symbiotic relationship that allows our developers to utilize their brilliance on engineering teams making a real world impact while our partners get access to diverse perspectives driving them toward success.


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