Deploying Docker App on Google Container Engine

The Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing service from Google that offers a set of enterprise capabilities that leverages the same technologies that are used at Google. It provides a multitude of advantages, including instant scaling of any online solution and live migration of Virtual Machine functionality.


In this tutorial, John Kariuki, an Andela Developer based in Nairobi, explains how to deploy a containerized NodeJS application to the Google Cloud Platform with Kubernetes, through the Google Container Engine. This gives users the opportunity to appreciate the role that Kubernetes plays in managing GKE clusters with ease.


After mastering that task, John walks us through the process of continuously deploying a Docker application on the Google Container Engine. This is especially important when working in a team that utilizes Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), where frequent updates of an application are made by each member of the team and continuously deployed to pre-staging, staging, pre-production, and production pipelines. These tutorials offer a great basis of functionality when working with the GCP. Check out the full tutorials on!

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