Breaking down key Salesforce roles: What is a Salesforce Administrator?

As the leading customer relationship management system, Salesforce makes it possible for businesses to find solutions to tough problems. Yet leaders often don’t realize that these solutions may necessitate specialized skill sets under the Salesforce umbrella. In order to maximize an investment in Salesforce, it’s critical to know what different Salesforce professionals do and how they can create and facilitate the best Salesforce solution for a company’s needs.

Welcome to our new series, “Breaking down key Salesforce roles,” in which we explain in approachable terms the major Salesforce roles, what they do, and why they’re important. We will introduce you to Salesforce administrators, Salesforce developers, Salesforce architects, Salesforce business analysts, Salesforce product managers, and Salesforce consultants. Deciding on Salesforce is only the first step. The next is understanding how dedicated experts develop and define Salesforce for stakeholder success.

First: Salesforce roles are not the same as roles in Salesforce 

We want to take a brief moment to differentiate the type of roles we’re talking about here. Salesforce roles are not the same as the “roles” you might see in Salesforce itself. Salesforce provides users with an optional “user role hierarchy,” often shortened to “roles.” One can use this hierarchy to set Salesforce access levels for each user in an organization, and it usually matches an organization’s org chart. The Salesforce roles we discuss in this series are the experts behind the scenes that will help you build new business solutions.

So, what is a Salesforce Administrator?

A Salesforce Administrator, or “Admin,” is an organization’s main connection point to all things Salesforce. An admin is a key role if a stakeholder wants to move Salesforce beyond a point-and-click configuration. This solutions-oriented person knows the Salesforce platform inside and out, and is an expert in developing workflows, designing advanced reports, preparing dashboards, and automating complex business processes. Admins look at a business’s problems and think creatively about how a customized Salesforce can solve their challenges.

Maximizing a stakeholder’s investment in Salesforce is a key Admin functionality. Salesforce admins are people-facing and you can think of them as the brilliant connection between the platform and the people. They work with and train everyone—from CEOs to company admins. If you want to drive user adoption, a Salesforce Admin is absolutely essential because they know how to explain Salesforce in a way that makes it easy to opt-in. 

When you’re searching for a Salesforce Administrator, keep an eye out for:

  • Communications experts who bridge the gap between business requirements and technology
  • Creative thinkers that provide value by completing fundamental implementation and automating processes 
  • In-depth customization specialists that identify innovative ways Salesforce can address business needs 

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