Andela partners with Google to launch the Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) 2022

New Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) 2022

In 2017, George Udosen, a Biochemistry graduate, joined the inaugural Google and Andela learning program under the Andela Learning Community. While studying Android Development, his impressive performance enabled him to move from the fundamental class to the intermediate class.

The goal of the Andela Learning Community is to help its members develop the skills that will enable them to advance in their careers. The community is focused on building an ecosystem to support the development of our members’ tech expertise by providing educational resources through training programs.

George did not end his educational journey there. He continued to explore different Google technologies to help him run his business. In 2019, he joined the Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) program under the Google Cloud Track. As a Cloud learner, he studied the basics of cloud computing and how he can utilize the platform at work.

Over the last 5 years,  we have partnered with Google to upskill developers all over Africa in Android, Mobile Web Specialist and Google Cloud using Pluralsight and Udacity. As a result, our partnership has equipped over 100,000 learners, across all 54 countries in Africa, with new skills.

In 2020 and 2021, having honed his skills, George rejoined the program to ‘give back’ and mentor the next generation of GADS learners. We are thrilled to announce that we will be launching a new partnership with Google and Pluralsight for the Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) 2022 program. The program will go beyond our previous GADS partnership and develop the skills of existing and aspiring developers in the community.

GADS 2022 Curriculum

This year, our partnership will enable previous learners to broaden their technical skills through enriched courses. We’re offering two new courses to support this; Google Cloud with a touch of Machine Learning and Android in Kotlin. Kotlin provides features of both object-oriented and functional programming that will help you get to the next level as a developer.

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Looking back at GADS 2021

Over the past 5 years, GADS has provided learners just like George with the opportunity to upskill, land new jobs, increase their income and gain more clients. Last year we engaged over 45,000 learners in GADS 2021. The students had the opportunity to access online learning resources, engagement initiatives such as curated workshops, to meet a community of peers and mentors and to access job opportunities on the community platform.

When asked about the impact the program had on their lives; this is how our alumni responded;

What is your next career goal? Learn and grow with us by signing up here for the Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2022.

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