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Partner with us for your Angular talent needs. Our global marketplace gives you access to Angular developers, and Angular consultants. Join hundreds of companies already hiring Angular Developers with Andela to deliver on mission-critical projects.

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Hiring doesn't have to be
slow and costly

Find the right person when you need them — quickly and cost-effectively. Andela helps companies hire trusted professionals with speed and flexibility.

Global talent on demand and scalable solutions

Remote work allows for tech’s top talent to work for top companies. Choose from a larger pool of skilled workers.

Bring new products to life, serve more customers, and fill knowledge gaps. Hire talent as you need it.

Quick turnaround and skilled specialists

  • Priorities change.
  • Hiring should, too.
  • Onboard talent quicker than internal recruiting processes.
  • Our network has specialists covering more than 750 tools and frameworks.
  • Search and find the expert you need.

Tap into the world’s largest network of skilled technical talent

Hiring with Andela is 70% faster than other tech recruiting approaches. Find the best candidates that align with your requirements so you can hire right the first time.

Flexible engagements

Hiring needs change as businesses evolve. Choose the talent you need for your current (and future) team configurations.

Global reach

Our network is 4 million strong and spans more than 175 countries, including emerging regions. That means you can hire someone with the skills you need.

Predictive performance

Our performance-based, developer-loved assessment platform predicts on-the-job performance so you hire the right people.

"...looking to hire a back-end developer, it would take around 2 months or even longer, because we care a lot about quality. But with Andela, we were able to onboard that developer within 3 weeks."
Victoria Leonhardt
Chief Operating Officer, Develhope
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Frequently asked questions

How Are Andela’s Angular Developers Different?

One distinguishing factor about Andela is that we offer you peace of mind since we don’t only help you select the best talent, but also ensure they fit perfectly into your team. Besides, Andela uses AI-powered technology to analyze your request and match you with already vetted talent with outstanding technical and professional abilities, thereby making your onboarding process 70% easier and faster. When you work with Andela, you can expect Angular talent who will contribute not only technical-wise, but also in terms of global perspectives, growth mindsets, and long-term commitment — all backed by a support team that is available to assist in any given stage of the project execution.

How long does it take to hire Angular Developers through Andela?

You may start reviewing profiles of Angular Developers from Andela instantaneously through our client portal or within the first two to four business days if you speak to an industry expert at Andela. Timing depends on your specific requirements such as seniority, skill set, and time zone. Our matching times are still twice as fast compared to industry standards.

How Does Andela ensure long-term success?

We leverage human expertise as well as artificial intelligence to match our clients with the right talent based on work schedule, tech stacks, team dynamics, and overall compatibility. We also provide continuous support from the get-go of the project to the completion.

Why do great Angular Developers choose Andela?

Andela matches engineers with long-term remote Angular opportunities at leading companies. Additionally, Andela provides professional growth opportunities including a global talent community, compensation and career coaching, educational resources, and ongoing support.

Andela Talent Cloud is the industry’s only unified solution to manage the complete global talent lifecycle.