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Trusted by enterprise teams and growing startups alike, Andela can onboard the DevOps Engineers you need 70% faster compared to the industry benchmark. Spend more time driving impact by hiring DevOps Engineers on your project.

Partner with us for your DevOps talent needs. Our global marketplace gives you access to DevOps developers, and DevOps consultants. Join hundreds of companies already hiring DevOps Engineers with Andela to deliver on mission-critical projects.

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Why Hire DevOps Engineers through Andela?

Want to connect with the very best professionals for your DevOps Engineer projects but don’t know exactly how to go about it? Well, at Andela, we eliminate the stress involved in choosing the best professionals and also ensure they are the right fit for your project, based on the peculiarities of your organization.

Hire dedicated DevOps Engineers can either work on a full-time or hourly basis to rapidly execute your DevOps project.

Dedicated Professionals

Our dedicated DevOps Engineers are experts committed to delivering world-class work. Embedded DevOps technologists will seamlessly integrate with your team to align with your business goals.

AI-Powered Matchmaking

We understand that different organizations require different solutions. That’s why we use the power of Artificial Intelligence to arrive at the most compatible DevOps professionals for your projects based on the particular demands of your company.

Successful Delivery

Our DevOps Engineers are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring the successful delivery of projects. So far, we’ve achieved over 96% successful placements as we build teams ready to help realize the future of the businesses they work with.

Rigorous Vetting

Our vetting process for DevOps Engineers guarantees that you’re connected with technologists you can trust. From coding challenges to language tests, we ensure expertise combined with professionalism with every DevOps engineer.

Rigorous vetting
to ensure you hire
top DevOps Engineers

We’ve already done the necessary homework by selecting the very best crop of professionals with outstanding technical abilities through rigorous vetting processes. Hence, you can trust our team to deliver on your DevOps development project with ease.

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Hire DevOps Engineer who have applied to Andela

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DevOps Engineer

Abhishek is a certified Kubernetes Administrator and AWS Solutions Architect with over 11 years of experience working with multinational companies and start-ups and telecoms, banking and data analytics domain also has experience working as a freelancer for DevOps projects and support group. Expert in Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD, Terraform, and Automation using various script languages.

  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • CI/CD
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DevOps Engineer

Ahmed is an experienced DevOps expert with a demonstrated history of working in the software development industry. He is a reliable team player with a thorough and detail-oriented approach. Ahmed is skilled in Python/Flask, Bash, Ruby/Rails, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, with specializations in Cloud Computing, SRE, Systems Engineering, and Network Security.

  • Python
  • Flask
  • Ruby
  • Rails
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DevOps Engineer

Albert is a multifaceted IT practitioner with five years of engineering experience designing, developing, and managing applications. He leverages contemporary technology and practices to deliver stable and reliable products faster, optimize cost, and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

  • DevOps
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DevOps Engineer

Aly is an experienced software developer with specialized skills in Site Reliability Engineer has made him highly sought after by award-winning, innovative companies, and start-ups. Aly is the king of Kubernetes and a devotee of Agile methodologies. His strong professional background is complemented by a degree in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.

  • Kubernetes
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DevOps Engineer

Amir is a highly proficient DevOps Engineer with 15 years of experience building and maintaining systems, networks, and applications for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to blue chips. He has worked extensively with numerous platforms, including AWS, Azure, GCP, and Linux, in environments ranging from small to cloud-scale. Amir works well with clients, coworkers, and executives, adapting his analysis and communication techniques to connect meaningfully with all stakeholders.

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • Linux
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DevOps Engineer

Anastas is a Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer and AWS Certified Solutions Architect with expertise in DevOps (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and cloud. His professional experience focuses on infrastructure design, virtualization, container platforms, software development, implementation, maintenance, and deployment of complex IT projects. His skillset extends to team leading, working in distributed multicultural teams, requirements analysis, creating and maintaining project documentation, and cooperating with QA teams, stakeholders, customers, and business users.

  • AWS
  • DevOps
  • QA

Frequently asked questions

How Are Andela’s DevOps Engineers Different?

One distinguishing factor about Andela is that we offer you peace of mind since we don’t only help you select the best talent, but also ensure they fit perfectly into your team. Besides, Andela uses AI-powered technology to analyze your request and match you with already vetted talent with outstanding technical and professional abilities, thereby making your onboarding process 70% easier and faster.

When you work with Andela, you can expect DevOps talent who will contribute not only technical-wise, but also in terms of global perspectives, growth mindsets, and long-term commitment — all backed by a support team that is available to assist in any given stage of the project execution.

How long does it take to hire DevOps Engineers through Andela?

You may start reviewing profiles of DevOps Engineers from Andela instantaneously through our client portal or within the first two to four business days if you speak to an industry expert at Andela. Timing depends on your specific requirements such as seniority, skill set, and time zone. Our matching times are still twice as fast compared to industry standards.

How Does Andela ensure long-term success?

We leverage human expertise as well as artificial intelligence to match our clients with the right talent based on work schedule, tech stacks, team dynamics, and overall compatibility. We also provide continuous support from the get-go of the project to the completion.

Why do great DevOps Engineers choose Andela?

Andela matches engineers with long-term remote DevOps opportunities at leading companies. Additionally, Andela provides professional growth opportunities including a global talent community, compensation and career coaching, educational resources, and ongoing support.

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Hire DevOps Engineers with Andela Today

From the hiring guide and steps above, it’s obvious that locating a top DevOps Engineer that can deliver on your project is not all that easy.

Although the market is flooded with lots of DevOps freelancers it takes an extensive background check, interviewing, and matchmaking to discover the right fit for your project.

Fortunately, Andela takes away the stress and risks involved in recruiting the right professional for your job. Connect with us and relax while we seamlessly complete the hard work.