Access a continent of top tech talent

70,000+ applicants.

Six-week vetting process.

0.7% acceptance rate.


Andela scours Africa, the world’s largest pool of untapped talent, for the top technologists and problem solvers.

Day-long technical interview sound tough? Try all week.


Andela screens candidates across 64 different psychometric and skills assessments before inviting the top 10% to a week-long, on-site sprint. We then monitor their ability to integrate into a team and incorporate feedback in order to rapidly build products. Ultimately, the top 0.7% receive an offer to join Andela — and 95% accept.

Why Africa?

The world’s first immersive simulations program for software developers


Skill checkpoints


Github commits


Hours of pair programming


Code reviews

To prepare developers to thrive on your high-performing distributed engineering team, we recreate every environment they may encounter over a six-month period.


Before joining your team, developers spend three months immersed in simulations and three months making real-world contributions on our product teams, committing code, and incorporating feedback from our senior engineers across five offices and four time zones.

The result? Full-stack developers with expertise in:

Grow without the growing pains

Developing and retaining engineers is our specialty. Let us manage talent so you can focus on growing your business.


Raw talent only gets you so far. We invest in the infrastructure that your Andela Developers need to be successful, from state-of-the-art office space to teams of senior engineers and advisors.

Welcome to your Lagos & Nairobi HQ:

Dedicated team space

Fiber-optic internet connection

Robust physical and network security

Direct access to senior engineers and mentors

Immersive culture of continual learning

How to partner with Andela

  • 1


    Our engineers evaluate your technical needs and design a custom solution for growing your team.

  • 2


    We select the best developers for your team based on technical expertise and culture fit.

  • 3


    We onboard your developers and they start contributing, supported by our senior engineering staff.

  • 4


    We fly your Andela Developers out to your HQ for at least two weeks of building rapport with the team in-person.