The fastest way to ship faster

Tap into a wider talent pool, stop competing with major tech companies, and spend less time interviewing.

What We Do
How We're Different
Our Process

We take the time, cost, and hassle out of finding the right talent at the right time.

Vetted Engineers

Thorough assessments that save you time.

We know innovation isn’t a gig. That’s why our assessment is designed to find engineers who make great teammates; teammates who ask the right questions, push back appropriately, and step up whenever there’s a need.

  • English Proficiency
    Assess for an excellent command of English with AI-powered tools
  • Coding Challenge
    Proprietary, stack-specific coding exercises developed by our community
  • Technical Interview
    Pair programming exercises that test for a deep understanding of algorithms, on-the-fly problem-solving, and collaboration too
  • Data-Driven Match
    Algorithmic-identified best-fit engineers from our network

Global Talent

You don’t need to be a tech giant to attract great tech talent. We find the best across regions and countries so you don’t have to. Countless studies show that diverse teams are more effective and profitable. Different experience, cultures, and viewpoints contribute to well-rounded and solid solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems.

Andela Worldwide
Engineering Manager

Data-Driven Match

Find both tech and culture fit

We evaluate your technical and cultural needs, algorithmically identify the best fit candidates, and then review their work history to ensure fit.


Hands-on Support


Our team is your team

We don’t walk away. We facilitate a smooth onboarding experience during the first 90 days, share remote work best practices, and make sure everyone is setup for long term success. We win when you win.

Timothy Kaboya
Engineering Manager

Our team is your team

We don’t walk away. We facilitate a smooth onboarding experience during the first 90 days, share remote work best practices, and make sure everyone is setup for long term success. We win when you win.

How We're Different

Committed to the long-term.

Teammates, not temps

Born in Africa, the fastest-growing continent for software developers, Andela matches great software teams with brilliant teammates who are in it for the long-term.

White-glove support

Matching is just the beginning of our relationship. Our client success team frees you from HR and management overhead. Starting Day 1, we onboard, hold regular check-ins and identify and resolve issues. We’re there, in the background, in case you need us.

Powered by technology

Proprietary matching algorithm, engineer self-check-ins, performance monitoring and more. We’re building technology to power the remote world and leveraging it to scale.

Developing developers

We don’t just hire exceptional engineers. We help them grow their expertise through peer-to-peer technical workshops, online technical talks, and mentorship opportunities. We also facilitate technical training through the Andela Learning Community and our Fellowship Program.


Tell us what you need. We take care of the rest.


Understand your talent needs

Our matching team takes a deep dive into your technical needs, culture, and long-term goals.


Find matches in our network

We map your requirements to our network, and quickly shortlist the best candidates with our best-in-class matching algorithm.


Review candidates together

We review shortlisted candidates with you
to find the perfect fit.


Get ready for remote

Once matched, we ensure each engineer has the tools, equipment, and infrastructure they need to work remotely on your teams.


Facilitate onboarding

Helping our clients onboard engineers is just something we do.
We have facilitated remote onboarding for thousands of engineers on hundreds of teams.


Grow your engineering team with global talent today.
Tell us what you are looking for, we’ll take care of the rest.

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