Talks at Andela: Growing Your Career through Open-Source Contributions

Talks at Andela is a webinar series open to technologists in the tech ecosystem, with the aim of connecting tech thought-leaders and experts around the world with engineers; sharing experiences, lessons, and advice in multi-faceted tech and tech-related topics.

In this month’s webinar, we host Brian Douglas; Staff Developer Advocate at GitHub.

Contributing to Open Source projects can be incredibly impactful and fulfilling, but how do you grow your career while contributing to Open Source?

In this talk, Brian will walk through;

  • Setting up your GitHub Profile for success while contributing to Open Source projects.
  • Automation through GitHub Actions.
  • How to get your PRs reviewed and collaborate on an open-source team.

The event is free and open to the public. Register to join us!

About the Speakers
Brian Douglas
Staff Developer Advocate, GitHub

Brian Douglas is a Staff Developer Advocate at GitHub where he works on the increasing use of GitHub’s platform-specific features through technical content distributed on the internet. In addition to that, Brian has a passion for open source and loves mentoring new contributors.

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