BEYOND $ rails new

This month’s workshop will be facilitated by Paul Oguda, Software Engineer at Andela.

For many years, the beauty of Rails has been the command ‘rails new’. Through this, you are taken to a different world that made many people start out as software engineers as it made things seem easy (though that might not be the case!). This command, followed by Build a Blog in 15 minutes by DHH has always been the thing that hooked people to Rails.

Beyond ‘$ rails new’ is a totally different story. Sometimes the conventions over configuration of the framework will work for you, other times it will not.

This workshop will focus on the cases where you have to break the conventions over configuration doctrine of Rails so as to make your application keep on giving you the happiness that rails new did. Come ready to learn, share, and engage!

Paul is a Software Engineer at Andela. He really, really loves Ruby but is currently seeing other languages, specifically Elixir and Crystal. Before COVID-19, Paul used to volunteer at a local Rails Girls Chapter.

It’s going to be a learning and open conversation, so come ready to engage, on this episode of Online Technical Workshops!

PS1: The session will be conducted via Zoom.
PS2: Zoom link to be shared via email upon RSVP.

The event is free to all.

About the Speakers
Paul Oguda
Software Engineer, Andela

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