Talent Without Borders: The Missing Piece to Closing Your Engineering Talent Gap

So you want to hire great engineers. Cost-effectively. And as soon as possible. 

But with the demand for great engineers rapidly growing, big companies scooping up all your talent (ahem Microsoft), and your unmet product roadmap goals tormenting you, do you know if your current talent acquisition strategy is actually working? 

Watch our newest on-demand webinar with David Blair (CTO of Andela) and Dave Marks (Former VPE of Bleacher Report) as they outline the different options engineering leaders have in expanding their global talent pools. This webinar will push you to think beyond the traditional hiring methods, and better understand the complexities that come with expanding locally, globally, and remotely.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • The pros and cons of launching satellites offices vs building remote hubs
  • Everything you need to consider, including compliance best practices, legal implications, and more 
  • Why the former VPE of Bleacher Report switched from a local to hire-from-anywhere strategy

Ensure all your hiring and innovation goals are met in 2021. Watch it now!

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