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Measuring Impact: A Fireside Chat on Engineering ROI with GitHub, Stripe, Jellyfish, and Andela

There’s no question that measuring software development ROI is… controversial. But as engineering leaders, you still need to prove the value of your team’s work. But how? Do you measure based on development frequency or sprint velocity? Internal employee survey scores? Process or collaboration? 

In this on-demand webinar, co-hosted by Andela and Jellyfish, we bring in the brightest minds in engineering — Dana Lawson, VP of Engineering of GitHub, Juan Pablo Buriticá, Former Head of Engineering, LATAM, at Stripe, and Andrew Lau, CEO at Jellyfish — to explore (and debate!) the most effective ways to report and measure on engineering metrics, as well as the challenges and learnings they’ve experienced in their careers.

Watch this webinar to find out from the people who are defining the industry’s top standards:

  • What are the most important KPIs, and common mistakes engineering leaders make 
  • How to report on the one thing your CTO, CEO, or CFO wants to see, and drive buy-in 
  • Real-life framework examples of how leading engineering organizations like Stripe, GitHub, Jellyfish, and Andela measure development success

About the Speakers
Dana Lawson
VP of Engineering, GitHub

Dana has 20 years of experience as an engineer and engineering leader. She has worn many hats to complement a product’s lifecycle through her leadership roles at Heptio, InVision, New Relic, and GitHub where she currently serves as VP of Engineering.

Juan Pablo Buritica
Former Head of Engineering (LATAM), Stripe

Juan Pablo is a software engineering leader who has built and led distributed teams for over a decade. Most recently, he led the LatAm Engineering organization at Stripe. He has also organized more than 10 conferences in the US & Latin America, founded multiple JavaScript meetups, and led the growth of Colombia’s JavaScript community.

Andrew Lau
CEO, Jellyfish

Andrew Lau is Co-Founder and CEO of Jellyfish, the leading Engineering Management Platform (EMP) that provides complete visibility into engineering organizations, the work they do, and how they operate. Prior to Jellyfish, Andrew was the Chief Strategy Officer for ad-tech leader Nanigans after his social retail-tech company LoopIt was acquired. 

Courtney Machi (moderator)
VP of Product, Andela

Courtney is responsible for building product at Andela, a rapid growth startup that scales high-performing distributed engineering teams with the world’s most talented software developers.

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