Busting the Myths of Programmer Productivity at Andela

Online Soft-skill Workshops at Andela provide a platform for senior engineers and tech-thought leaders to engage with engineers across the globe as they share their technical expertise in a wide array of soft-skill areas.

About the Session:

This session is ideal for any developer seeking to considerably improve and boost their productivity by 10x the rate of other developers. The workshop will explain how developers can profit by working with Andela, both in their work lives and personal lives.

The discussion will cover:

  • Helping developers to discover and achieve their full potential and our thought leaders will answer pertinent questions including What does this difference in productivity mean to your career path? And what productivity distribution should we expect between professionals? If you’re looking to become the best developer you can be, this event is for you!

PS1: The session will be conducted via Zoom.
PS2: Zoom link to be shared via email upon RSVP.

The event is free and open to the public. Register to join us!

About the Speakers
João (Jon) Ferreira
Senior Software Engineer, FourSquare

Jon Ferreira, based in Santos (SP), Brazil, is a software engineer at FourSquare. With a passion for learning and trying new things, Jon started on his career path by designing websites for friends and small businesses in his neighbourhood. In his spare time, Jon likes to help other developers to boost their careers by sharing content and mentoring. He is married and has two sons.

Rafael Henrique Tibaes
Senior Software Engineer, Logitech

Rafael Henrique is a Computer Vision Engineer experienced in data science, machine learning, and biometrics. With a master’s degree in Computer Science, Rafael’s previous projects range from insurance pricing to face analysis and newborn fingerprint matching. After a successful placement through Andela, Rafael now works at Logitech. Outside of work, he is developing his own project involving mobile computer vision. Rafael enjoys yoga, tennis, and playing bass guitar.

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