Meet Andela at Evanta’s CIO Executive Summit

Tech salaries increased by 3.6% in 2020 and quit rates for companies without a flexible work model are predicted to rise as high as 2.5% in 2022. Local engineers working from home have more options now than ever before. If remote is here to stay, is the current status quo still working for everyone? The truth is, when hiring locally is no longer sustainable, emerging markets hold a wealth of tech talent to tap into. 

Moderated by Chris Chilton, Head of Data Practice at Andela, this panel will cover: 

  • How to scale a tech team with global talent
  • What’s ahead for the future of remote work
  • How investing in remote drives growth

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About the Speakers
Chris Chilton
Head of Data Practice, Andela

Chris is responsible for delivering a great customer experience and growing the business by further developing talent with new skills, building strategic partnerships, and scaling existing and closing new opportunities. His passion for connecting data engineering and architecture leaders has helped to develop and execute global IT strategies, and create advanced solutions that enable both clients and internal teams to meet their goals with analytical and client-facing products that leverage the power of data to better inform business planning, guide organizational decisions, and enhance focus on customer lifetime value.

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