Design Portfolio Presentation Workshop

At Andela, brilliant minds and companies come together to build the future. We’re inspired by those who help to lead and enlighten us in an ever-changing world. As part of our drive to unlock the potential in our community, we’re ensuring that our design community is industry-ready and able to determine opportunities based on compelling portfolios and outstanding design processes, inviting some of the world’s leading designers and recruiters to share their knowledge and experience.

About the Session:

Lots of experienced product designers fail to land sought-after job opportunities and most of the time, the reason for this is not related to their capabilities and skills: it’s because they can’t tell their story. Making a good first impression is key to your success, and if you’re not promoting yourself to the best of your abilities, it could make the difference between moving forward in an interview process, or being rejected after the first round. The goal of this webinar is to teach you how to showcase your portfolio and career journey correctly, so you can get hired by one of the world’s most exciting organizations.

Join this session if you want to know:

  • You want to showcase your design work and processes to increase your reach
  • You know you’re awesome but lack the ability to present yourself well. 
  • You want your portfolio to stand out while drawing the attention of global organizations
  • You need help with prioritizing your design showcase

PS1: The session will be conducted via web. For optimal experience, we recommend the use of Chrome or Firefox browsers.
PS2: Link to be shared via email upon RSVP.

The event is free and open to the public. Register to join us!

About the Speakers
Drew North
Commercial Director, Design, Andela

Drew’s a human-centered design leader, known for building world-class design teams at-scale. He spent the better part of the last decade building Robert Half’s global design practice, and is excited to create a bigger and better design practice at Andela!

As a design leader, Drew shapes how people and organizations think about design. In doing so, he creates high-impact, outcome-centric design solutions, that positively influence user and customer behavior.

When not thinking about design, Drew’s undoubtedly thinking about music; he’s a musician and multi-instrumentalist, who loves all types of music.

Solomon Abey
Design Assessment Lead, Andela

Solomon is a Product Designer with over 8 years of experience working on the user-centered, end-to-end implementation of product delivery goals for organizations. He has worked extensively in the financial space, edtech, and cybersecurity to deliver a superb user experience. He leads the design assessment team at Andela and is passionate about design growth and mentoring designers for enterprise readiness.

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