Becoming a Product Manager

Online Technical Workshops at Andela provide a platform for senior engineers and tech-thought leaders to engage with engineers across the globe as they share their technical expertise in a wide array of technical areas.

In the month of September, we host Peter Knudson; Senior Product Manager at Electronic Arts and Braxton Bragg; Director of Product at Laika.

About the Session:

Peter and Braxton are the Authors of “Product Sense” the number 1 Product Management book sold on Amazon.  They will talk about how to land a new job in product management is daunting. For starters, there have been no comprehensive blueprints for success. The interview process is grueling. Few candidates receive offers. Product Sense is the only comprehensive, yet accessible, resource available to help navigate a complex process and succeed in a hyper-competitive market.

The discussion will cover:

  • The required PM common traits — ones that all PMs need to embody to get a job (regardless of industry, company, or product).
  • The single, most crucial PM problem —What it is, why it is key to the role, and how to tackle it in four steps.
  • Master our brand new “Compass Framework” — We designed our own proprietary interview framework from the ground up, which you can use to navigate product sense, execution, and leadership PM interview questions.

How to get a job — A step-by-step hand-holding on what to do to land the most desired roles. Including take-home assignments, recruiter & hiring manager screens, and crafting your unique narrative – your PM Superpower.

There will be a Q&A segment after the workshop; come engage with Peter and Braxton on their experience as product managers & owners.

PS1: The session will be conducted via Zoom.
PS2: Zoom link to be shared via email upon RSVP.

The event is free and open to the public. Register to join us!

About the Speakers
Peter Knudson
Senior Product Manager, Electronic Arts

Peter has 10 years of PM experience, currently helps lead product strategy at EA. Previously, he’s been on product teams for Unity, Activision, and Zynga.

Braxton Bragg
Director of Product, Laika

Braxton is currently Director of Product for Laika (Series A B2B SaaS compliance startup) and previously worked at McKinsey & Company, Zynga, Scopely, and Weebly. He lives in New York City with his wife, daughter, and two dogs.

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