What is Generative AI?

Generative artificial intelligence (Generative AI) is a type of artificial intelligence that produces content, including text, images, and audio. It works by identifying patterns in existing data and applying it toto generate new content.

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Adopting AI comes with challenges

A shortage of professionals skilled in AI

67% of companies face difficulty in finding talent for artificial intelligence and machine learning roles.

A lack of technological infrastructure

54% of companies don’t have the right tech infrastructure to adopt AI or machine learning (ML).

Failure of
AI/ML models

61% of IT decision-makers experienced issues with an AI/ML algorithm or had complete model failure.

Streamline and automate your business with AI

By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning you can deliver fast wins with a high return on investment.

Power big data models

Reduce labor intensive processes and costly computing power for big data by implementing AI.

Provide better experiences through personalization

Develop personalized recommendations and advertisements within your consumer-facing products.

Outsource administrative tasks

Use an automated virtual assistant to get rid of manual tasks so you’re free to focus on more important things

Our talent network of more than 4 million is skilled in 750+ tools and frameworks.

Tap into experienced technical talent to leverage generative AI.

Build your team

Find the right talent to put AI to work for you

Andela’s AI Impact Assessment identifies a GenAI business solution for you and gives you a look into how AI could transform your business.

AI Impact Assessment

The AI Impact Assessment is a tailor-made six-week program that focuses on the identification and realization of a GenAI business solution.

Actionable steps

We work with you to demonstrate the potential impact AI could have in a specific use case and provide an actionable first step towards full-scale GenAI adoption.

Demonstrated impact

In a hands-on and personalized approach, we demonstrate the potential impact of GenAI and data-driven solutions.

The Andela Talent Operating Platform provides transparency to talent profiles and assessment before hiring.

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