Stax leverages Andela engineers to scale product features and enhancements

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With the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) market expected to increase by $1.5 trillion by 2026, a digital-first approach is critical to the future of payments. Leading payment technology provider, Stax, offers innovative solutions for software platforms (ISVs) looking to embed payments, as well as individual customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. As Stax set out to innovate and simplify the embedded payments space, the company launched Stax Connect to bring a fully managed payments facilitation ecosystem to rapidly scaling software companies.

In order to augment the features of their technology, Stax wanted a way to increase capacity while ensuring the quality of engineering work. After deciding to move away from a purely local staffing model, Stax searched for innovative ways to hire and work remotely.

Since October 2021, 17 Andela engineers have embedded with Stax, working on critical features alongside the internal team and bringing full-stack expertise across three main skill sets: Typescript, Node, and React.

“Stax Connect is our fastest growing line of business and the Andela engineers are just as instrumental to building out Stax Connect as our internal team.”

Chris Staymates
CTO at Stax

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