How Pymetrics gained the flexibility to handle product development shifts with Andela

Pymetrics is a soft skills platform redefining hiring and talent management. They use data-driven behavioral insights and audited AI to create a more efficient, effective, and fair hiring process across the talent lifecycle.

As Pymetrics looked to scale their engineering team, they ran into roadblocks and realized they needed a more streamlined hiring process. Engineering Lead Fedor Garin discusses how their hiring process was “all over the place.” Disparate hiring practices that ranged from personal referrals to multiple recruitment channels weren’t reliable or consistent when they needed to boost their ranks quickly.

“We had problems with pipeline, just finding good people. And by the time we contact a good candidate, they’re already interviewing at other companies. They may already have offers on the table. Then you get into a money game.”

Learn more about how Pymetrics has developed new best practices for distributed teams since partnering with Andela.

“Ever since we heard of Andela, we were really excited.

Andela’s mission really vibes with what we believe in—that

someone’s ability isn’t based on where they went to school,

their GPA, or what they’ve done in the past. We know that

good engineers come from all over.”

Fedor Garin

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