How Percolate bypassed the competition and augmented team with Andela

Andela Percolate title

Percolate is a leading content marketing platform, built by marketers for marketers. They build solutions to introduce visibility into the marketing process, improve coordination of work, and effectively build marketing campaigns and content.

After offshoring for mobile development, Percolate wanted more team integration for their primary application. With main offices in New York, San Francisco, and Denver, Percolate faces a hyper-competitive scene for finding new front-end and back-end developers, while also needing to backfill vacated positions. Kimberly Peterson, Director of Engineering, recalls some of their hiring frustrations.

“We had problems with pipeline, just finding good people. And by the time we contact a good candidate, they’re already interviewing at other companies. They may already have offers on the table. Then you get into a money game.”

Learn more about how Percolate hired 6 Andela engineers to work across three Percolate teams.

“Andela engineers got a sense of ownership in the product they’re building – this is the difference between outsourcing a project and having a team augmentation experience”


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