Crossover Health Leverages Andela to Scale their Engineering

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Crossover Health believes that meaningful change stems from innovative ideas. Their mission is to design a better way to deliver and pay for health while engaging and guiding a community of members. They do this by offering digital-first, integrated healthcare that is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the United States. They leverage technology and data to personalize care, helping tackle poor access and excessive costs.

One of the challenges Crossover Health encountered while looking to achieve this goal was capacity. They needed to scale their engineering team’s capacity without the significant costs that come with local hires. In addition, they needed their existing engineering team to be freed up to work on new areas that were crucial for business development while maintaining the same quality of work in maintaining and expanding the feature set in their legacy product.

Learn more about how thirteen Andela engineers working across three teams are responsible for helping Crossover Health expand and update their legacy product and eventually move on to tackle new initiatives within the team.

“Even in the initial call, The Andela Engineers were incredibly engaged and curious about the tech, the organization, and the mission. They fit in with our team perfectly.”


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