Busting the myths of programmer productivity

What makes a productive programmer?  The concept of ‘more haste less speed’ applies across almost every field, and programming is no exception. While coders have built a reputation of long hours of furious work fuelled by coffee and energy drinks to hit unrealistic deadlines, this isn’t a sustainable approach and not always the most productive […]

Level up your interview skills and secure your dream role!

There’s no escaping it: virtual interviews are the new normal, especially for digital professionals who work from home. And while we’re all reaping the many benefits of remote working, we’re also finding ways to integrate home offices, curious children and hyperactive pets into the interview process. From technical assessments to one-on-one introductions, how do you […]

The future of Android UI development

Taking Android UI development to the next level The adage goes: “a worker is only as good as their tools,” and the same applies to developers.  The ability of a developer to work quickly and efficiently is often dictated by the tools they have available. A better toolset won’t change the skill of the developer, […]

The Andela guide to Hacktoberfest 2021

Calling all coders! From the first winter chill to the flowering buds of spring, October heralds a change in the seasons across the globe. But in the tech world, October can mean only one thing: Hacktoberfest is here. And this year those niggling little spam issues of old have finally been resolved! What is Hacktoberfest? […]

Product sense: How to become a great product manager

In any technology company, there’s a group of people who are critical to ensuring that teams all work together – product managers. The product manager provides the overarching view in the development of any product, stepping in where there are gaps, and ensuring that the final vision is realized.  We sat down to talk to […]

How to Make Your Own Docker Environment

Create using any language without a need to install dependencies within your environment In this article we will go through the procedure for developing your own isolated environment for app creation without installing specific app dependencies onto your computer. To run our ReactJS application, we will be using the program Docker. Prerequisites To work through […]

Why You Should Switch to Redux Toolkit Library

When most engineers are working on a front-end project that requires using a state container, their go-to option is Redux. While Redux is undeniably an excellent choice for organizing your states, I would recommend another library from the team that developed Redux that will make the utilization of Redux for your project even easier. Described […]

A Day in the Life of an Andela Engineer

I love working in client success. Not only do I have the chance to connect directly with our client partners, but I also get to work directly with so many of our talented engineers all over the world.  At our recent webinar, I brought together Karim Hosny, Olla Ashour, and Mayowa Egbewunmi to ask them […]

What is Technical Debt and How Can It Be Measured?

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “There is more than one way to crack an egg.” Software engineering is a perfect example of this concept, when engineering a software system there is almost always more than one way to accomplish any task. The challenge this versatility presents is finding the best way. […]

DevOps Meets Amazon Alexa Skills

Amazon Alexa and many other voice assistants are taking over the world with their automation of daily tasks. And, given how fast-paced our lives have become, it seems like there is no better way to stay on top than by utilizing these new innovations for your routine day-to-day needs! Throughout the course of this article […]

Andela and Google Team Up to Develop 40,000 Learners in Africa

According to a recent study by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), some 230 million jobs across the African continent will require some level of digital skills by 2030. Here at the Andela Learning Community, we are focused on building an ecosystem that will support the growth of tech expertise, providing educational resources that empower community […]

Engineering AMA: From Career Advice to Open Source Projects

For our first-ever Ask Engineers Anything event (aka office hours for our engineer community), I invited two seasoned software engineers from our community, Simon Mbatia and Prosper Otemuyiwa, to share their career trajectories, development experience, and any engineering career advice they had for engineers — both junior and seasoned in the field.  Simon Mbatia is […]

Why Diverse Software Teams Are More Innovative

A 2018 Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study of 1700 companies in eight countries found that businesses with above-average diversity realize 9 percent higher margins and 19 percent more revenue from innovation than businesses with below-average diversity. In other words, diverse teams are more profitable and innovative than homogeneous teams. “This finding is huge for tech […]

Permanent Remote Work Opens Doors to Global Talent

Microsoft is the latest tech giant to permanently embrace remote work, joining Facebook and Twitter and many more. It’s one more company that has found remote work good for employees and businesses. It works, or why else would the largest tech companies make this pivot? In a corresponding trend, more and more workers are looking […]

Upskill with Andela Online Technical Workshops

As Covid-19 closed offices and in-person meetups and hackathons disappeared, Andela began hosting a series of Online Technical workshops featuring engineering leaders from Andela and around the world delivering practical technical sessions. At the same time, an existing educational program, Talks at Andela, created a special session to provide tips for how engineers can succeed […]