Overhaul: The Open Source Tool To Spruce up Nigeria’s Reddit.

When, on July 10th, Chinedu Daniel launched Overhaul, a Google Chrome extension he built, which automatically updates the look and feel of -  Nigeria's premier online forum, the reception was near euphoric.   Anyone who frequents Nairaland - and millions do so daily,  has probably either...

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An Open Source Culture Pushes Everyone Forward

Over the last half-decade, the number of young people in Africa embarking on a career path in software has been on the rise as a tech renaissance sweeps across the continent. From senior developers working full-time jobs or freelancing from the comfort of their homes,...

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Announcing Andela’s Series C

In July of 2014, Andela put out a call for aspiring software developers in Nigeria. Through Twitter alone, we received 700 applicants, interviewed a few dozen, and accepted six to join Andela’s first cohort in Lagos.   That month, we also met Pule Taukobong. A few weeks...

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Thinking Outside the Cube: Layer

Layer’s VP of Engineering’s three rules to rock distributed Thinking Outside the Cube is a series of posts that introduce unique insights from CTOs and other tech leaders at companies who have successfully implemented distributed models—a more thorough version of remote work—into their workforce policies.   —   Like many...

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GraphQL: Queries, Mutuations and Subscriptions

In my first article, I talked about GraphQL types and relationships. This time, I’ll be focusing  on queries, mutations and subscriptions. lI’ll also provide an overview of how variables are used. This is all necessary setup for the final piece in this series, where I’ll...

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GraphQL: Types and Relationships

This is a multi-part tutorial by Kingdom Orjiewuru, an Andela Developer based in Lagos.   By the time you finish reading this article, you should have a clear understanding of GraphQL types and schema to the extent that you can create them yourself. And if you're an...

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A Dive Into Python Closures and Decorators – Part 1

This is a multi-part guest tutorial post by Moyosore Sosan, an Andela developer based in Lagos.   We will be looking at local functions, the concepts of closure and what decorators are, sounds like a lot? Then let's dive into it.   Local functions   Probably most functions you are familiar with...

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Build an iOS app from scratch

This is a three-part guest tutorial post by Johnson Ejezie, an Andela developer based in Lagos.   iOS app: From scratch to app store Part 1   What we will be building We will be using the traktv api to build a movie and tv show app. We will be...

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How to Setup a React Environment Using Webpack and Babel

More and more devs are using React, a Facebook and community developed JavaScript library, to craft the kinds of data-heavy, auto-uploading web apps that are used for things like making live social streams populate and render seamlessly. Featuring a multitude of native-use advantages, its use...

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