Andela Partners with UNICEF on Wearables for Good Challenge

Andela Developers thrive on creating innovative solutions that make the world a better place. So, it made perfect sense for Andela to partner with UNICEF on its Wearables for Good Challenge, which brings together developers, designers and problem-solvers from around the world to build wearable devices that address social issues in the emerging world.


UNICEF selected two winning projects out of 250 submissions from 46 countries across the globe. Andela Developers then partnered with UNICEF and frog to bring both solutions to life:



SoaPen reduces the spread of germs by making it fun for kids to wash their hands. The SoaPen crayon contains a soap cartridge that kids can use to draw on their hands before rinsing off both soap and grime.


Andela Developer Blessing Orazulume was the sole programmer on the project team, which also included product and graphic designers. She single-handedly wrote the code for SoaPen’s new website, expanding the company’s reach by making the site more interactive for children.




Khushi Baby is a digital necklace that contains a child’s medical history, ensuring that those treating children in remote parts of the world have the context to keep them safe.


Andela Developer Daniel James built Khushi Baby’s Android app. Khushi Baby’s distributed team spanned three continents, with Daniel in Nigeria, the CTO in San Francisco, and teammates in Texas and India.


Check out UNICEF’s video above to learn more about Andela Developers’ work on the Wearables for Good Challenge, or get more information at

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