Why do we still need coffee? How to utilize the benefits of Java

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In the first of our Writer's Room blogs - articles and tutorials written by technologists from within our Andela Community - Software Engineer Amuda Adeolu Badmus discusses why you should embrace Java!

Programming languages come and go - but Java remains

Java's global popularity can't be denied. The programming language runs on billions of today's devices, from hardware (Desktop, Android, TV) to extremely vast enterprise software (Amazon, Google, Airbnb, Uber). 

According to the TIOBE index for March 2022, Java appears to be amongst the most commonly used programming languages.

In this blog, I'll take you through various instances of using Java correctly and effectively. My intention isn't to criticize or condemn other programming languages, but instead to show how different programming languages have their own individual strengths.

When should you use Java?

Consider using Java for building backend systems of large enterprise software when you need the following:

Object-oriented and static typing

It gives you the power to verify and enforce constraints of types at compile time, before run time.


java code

Once you declare a variable or method with a specific data type, you can't change it. This makes it easier to detect errors at an early stage and enables better code optimization.

Good resource management: Java enables you to manage your system resources effectively by using the try-with-resource keyword, and cleaners which help towards avoiding the disastrous effect of resources leakages, and unspecified latency.

Here are two examples: one good, one bad.

java code


JShell, also known as the Java Shell tool was released in Java 9 which provides easy-to-use, and command-line functionalities. 

With JShell, you have the means to extensively evaluate declarations, statements, and expressions, which assist towards fast assessment, and testing that doesn't need to be within any method, or any class.

java code

Utilizing various JVM languages

Java virtual machine (JVM) is regarded as a virtual machine that enables computers to run Java programs, as well as programs written in other languages that are also compiled to Java bytecode. Beyond that, a few languages can also run on the JVM including Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, Jython, JRuby, and Groovy, giving you the flexibility to interact with various JVM languages.

Class type casting

In Java, class casting enables you to automatically (via compiler) or manually (via developers) convert a given data type into another data type in an upward or downward direction.

Example: Converting of a LocalServer object to a Server object


java code

Text blocks

Java provides clean, and manageable text blocks that require no concatenation which makes it easy to work with text blocks.

java code

Good API support

Java provides uncountable API support that enables you to enjoy parallelization or integration of functional programming with its object-oriented style, database indexing and many more.

Example of integrating functional programming with its object-oriented style:

java code

With a single JPA annotation, you can index your database right from the code without touching your database system, thus making your development faster and easier, and also improving your application performance.


java code

Good community support

Have you run into issues or do you need help? There are many freely available resources to utilize from Stackoverflow, Github, and Dzone, to help you continue smoothly on your Java journey.

Job opportunities

There are many opportunities for Java developers across the globe. Here at Andela, we have exciting opportunities that will help shape your career growth!

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