Urban Ishimwe's Software Dev Journey

Perhaps in another life, Urban Ishimwe might have been some famous Social Media Influencer helping brands connect their products with their users. Today, though, he is at Andela Kigali, opting instead to build a career in software engineering. He may yet go on to connect brands and users, but he will also build products that people use.Urban worked for four months as a table dealer at a Casino only a year ago. He now works as a software engineer, while taking weekend classes at the University of Kigali towards a Computer Science degree.

"I started coding when I was in high school in 2016 because I was studying computer science. I used to learn from online resources like youtube, javatpoint, and freeCodeCamp. I’ve also done many programming workshops, Which helped me to dive deeper into programming. First of all, I like coding. My friends/colleagues used to encourage me to become a software developer when they were looking at my projects. And during that whole time. I felt a passion for doing what am good at."

Software engineers at Andela work on engineering teams with Andela's Partner companies across the globe. Maybe Urban will still go on to be a top social media influencer. He speaks fondly about a friend of his with whom he was going to build a social media empire with. "We used to talk about how we're going to make a youtube channel and an Instagram account, which we believed was going to become verypopular. that guy was really good at video editing, and I'm really good at creating content and posing in pictures."Maybe he will be a top model too. What is more apparent, given his commitments at the moment, is that he is well on his way to being a top software engineer.RELATED: Finding Answer: Benedicte Musabimana's Dev Journey

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