Tips for technologists: New year, new career!

New Year, New Career

January not only signals the start of a new year - it's often the month where some big life changes can take place. And a new year goal many people reach for is taking the next step in their career.  Finding a new job is a multi-step process, so if you start strong, with the right actions, you'll be more encouraged to continue on your journey.

If you're a technologist contemplating switching roles, Andela's Talent Marketing team are here to offer some guidance. 

You're in demand

If you're a technologist, you're 2022's most sought after talent. 

In this year's U.S. News & World Report, technology features prominently as one of the fastest growing industries, with Information Security Analyst topping the list of the top 100 best jobs. 

With Software developer, data scientist, IT manager and computer systems analyst roles dominating the top 20 list, it's clear that technology is the industry where you can develop your career this year.

According to CoderPad and CodinGame, 53% of organizations have increased their budget for hiring developers in 2022, offering great potential for technologists seeking a new role. With the tech industry booming and continuing to grow, many organizations plan on hiring more developers than they did in 2021.

So's — how can you prepare to find your new role?

1. Give yourself a deadline

After the sluggish holiday season, you can be disinclined to furiously job hunt. Start by thinking ahead - where would you like to be in your career by the end of Q1 (March 2022)? Give yourself a three month deadline to fully prepare your CV and cover letter, job hunt, interview and accept a new role - from start to finish. Sticking to a timeline helps keep you motivated and interested, while working with a quarter goal in mind means you can easily focus on market changes and different company priorities. If you take too long in your job hunt, you might lose momentum. By allowing yourself three months for your career change, rather than a full year, you'll move at the right pace.

2. Keep up-to-date

When considering a career change, you'll first need to update your CV. As you develop new skills or work on new projects, you have more to add - and these new additions will help you stand out from the crowd. Create new cover letters too, specifically tailored to each company and role you're applying for. Remember to also refresh your online professional presence. Update your LinkedIn profile, Twitter bio or personal website to reflect your most recent accomplishments. 

3. Do your research

Discovering the key skills companies are currently looking for is essential to help you take the next step on your career path. Google is a great place to start. Search for news and blog articles listing highly sought programming languages or applications. Check that your own tech stack experience features the most popular current and up-to-date skills. Scroll through company websites that interest you to find out more about their current projects, read any recent press releases, and look for any additional requirements that will give you an idea of what they're seeking in a technologist.

4. Join the Andela Talent Network

Let us take the stress out of job hunting. At Andela, we match talented technologists from across the world to exciting global organizations, via our Talent Network. Our specialist matchers are skilled in helping software engineers, developers and other technologists to find their dream roles. One you sign up to the talent network, there are just three steps to follow to become a member: a short English fluency test, a technical assessment on your chosen skill, and an interview. By applying to join Andela's Talent Network, you'll be one step closer to finding your next role, advancing your career, and connecting with other talented engineers in our community. Join here.

Happy New Year!

The Talent Marketing Team

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