Tech in Pink Kicks Off First All-Women Coding Bootcamp In Nairobi

At Andela, we believe we are going to change the world and act accordingly. Here's a glimpse of what Andela developers Gertrude and Yetunde are doing to inspire their local communities.Last week, a group of 15 women with various levels of coding experience gathered at the Andela Kenya campus to begin a coding session led by Andela developers Gertrude Nyenyeshi, Margaret Ochieng , Collin Mutembei and Eric Gichuri. This is Start from Scratch - the first Tech in Pink event held in Kenya.Founded in January 2016 by Andela developers Yetunde Sanni (from Nigeria) and Gertrude Nyenyeshi (from Kenya), Tech in Pink aims to promote women in technology and teach young people to solve problems with code.


Start from Scratch, the group’s first event in Nairobi, kicked off with a coding session. The developers were asked to create an app to register event attendees using Javascript (JQuery, HTML & CSS). Gertrude created a pre-built sample with missing features to encourage the ladies to learn on their own.The women were eager to learn and walked away with a new sense of confidence. “The name JavaScript always scared me but this experience has just proven to me that I can do it,” one of the women commented. “I came into the event as a frustrated programming beginner, and left re-energized to continue pursuing programming.”


For those who did not attend the event but would like to be involved, Tech in Pink will be publishing a series of tutorials in the coming weeks.Check out the full post about the event on the Tech in Pink blog, and follow them at @TechinPink for upcoming events and hackathons!

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