New Year, New Skills: Andela and Educative

As January comes to an end, it’s time for us to all dive into those new year goals we set for ourselves. The resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more… or even learn a new skill!

During January, Andela helped their community members to focus on their 2022 goals by creating the New Year, New Skills campaign in collaboration with Educative, giving one of our community members the chance to win a free annual subscription to And now, we’re also offering an exclusive discount to Andela community members – read on!

New year, new skills

Andela’s Community team launched the New Year, New Skills campaign to help Andelan’s to grow their career by acquiring new skills and learning new stacks.

As part of our commitment to enabling our community to learn new skills, Andela partnered with Educative, a platform that provides access to high quality courses, videos and learning environments that adapt to match your skill level. Educative aims to change how technologists continue their education and stay relevant by providing pre-configured learning environments that adapt to match a developer’s skill level.

To kick start the launch of this partnership with Educative, we organized a giveaway for a member of our Andela community to win a free annual subscription to Educative’s platform!

We asked our community to tell us what new skills or technical stack they wanted to learn this year and to share how Educative would help them to achieve the desired goal.

We were flooded with entries from our exceptionally talented community members. But we’re excited to announce that we’ve chosen our winner – Congratulations to Kihereko Wanja from the Andela Learning Community!  

tech talent
Kihereko Wanja

Eliud Kihereko Wanja grew up in the rural community of Nyeri, Kenya. He is currently a front-end developer based in Nairobi and is passionate about cutting-edge, front-end technologies. Kihereko is also working towards being an android developer!

“Educative is a great platform for learning. I am currently learning data structures, algorithms and system design. Having an opportunity to learn the different courses from people who have worked in the industry will be a great win. This will help me expand my problem solving logic and also will go a long way in helping to learn the best way of building software…. Getting access to study materials has always been a challenge but thanks to Andela Learning Community (ALC) programme, Pluralsight and Google, I am able to have access to good study materials.”

We hope this subscription will help Kihereko to become an expert in data structures, algorithms and systems designs!

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