Building Products Users Love: Truecaller Workshops

This June — as well as the last week in May, we hosted a series of webinars & workshops led by Truecaller. We try to hold technical workshops/webinars every other month at Andela, in which we invite external experts to take the lead on a chosen subject matter. This is what Talks at Andela is about. We’ve had tech leaders from Facebook, GitHub, Expedia, etc grace the platform in the past, and the videos are available for everyone to catch up on everything discussed.

With the entire world reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly crucial for companies to figure out how to build useful products and services. Many businesses have had to shut down due to the impact of the pandemic, as users — the market — has had to make a choice on what is essential in these peculiar times. Having a product or service that people need or love is the difference between which businesses survive or die.

Truecaller has successfully built and refined, over the last decade, a product that millions of people across the world love. Today, the app has over 200 million active users globally, and has grossed over 500 million app installs to date.

1. Mobile Number as an Identity and The Importance of Seamless User Onboarding

Speaker/Instructor: Yogesh Singhal, Product Owner at Truecaller.

Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2020.

Yogesh walked participants through the importance of the 10-digit mobile number, and how the mobile number identity platform operates at Truecaller. Other knowledge areas covered in the talk are how to leverage Truecaller SDKs in app development, and the principles of building a seamless user onboarding experience.

See the presentation and the recorded video for the session.

2. How to Use Data to Build Products Users Love

Speaker/Instructor: Svetlana Lekoska, Product Manager at Truecaller.

Date: Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

Svetlana’s talk was a Product crash course of sorts. It was a fine blend of theoretical concepts and practical examples applicable in the real world. She showed how to overcome the common biases when building when building products, as well as other concepts like user research and experimentation.

See the full presentation and recorded video for the session.

3. Release Management

Speaker/Instructor: Jossif Tomash, Release Manager at Truecaller.

Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

Jossif’s talk was a deep dive into the Release Management process and how to build optimal release tracks as a way to create order from chaos with regard to product development. He also highlighted the gains Truecaller has achieved from its release management implementation. Other knowledge areas covered include how to organize app testing without any hassle, feature flags orchestration, as well as automation.

See the full presentation and the recorded video for the session.

Talks at Andela is a thought leadership platform set up by Andela to foster knowledge sharing, as industry experts share insights that help technologists build successful products and companies. See previously recorded sessions.

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