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Maintaining good health – both mental and physical – is essential for a successful long life. As technologists, we tend to be stationary at our desks, and it is necessary to balance work with physical and mental wellness.

It is common to get too caught up in work, and neglect important aspects of self care. But don’t worry – Andela is here to help!

This month, we’re launching our ‘March to Wellness’ campaign, to promote the importance of a healthier lifestyle through movement and good nutrition, and to encourage our Andela Community to get healthy!

Our month-long campaign features lots of fun activities and events for Andelans to participate in.

Join Andelans around the world as we engage in a wide variety of fun virtual events curated to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

Wellness Adventure challenge (March 1st – 7th)

As part of the Pacer Virtual Challege, this activity challenges Andelans to walk (21km) (13.1 mi) for 7 miles in the virtual streets of Venice, from Forte Marghera to the Basilica of Saint Mary and Donatus, all via the Pacer app.

The Pacer app is available on Google Play store and the Apple app store.

The winner of the challenge will receive a top of the range fitness watch, and those who complete the activity will get an Andela personalized wellness certificate. Plus, the first 20 people to complete the challenge will receive some choice SWAG!

Find out more about the challenge here.

Desk Yoga (March 9th)

Enjoy a one-hour immersive desk yoga session with our expert instructor Aleks! Hosted on Zoom, and accessible to the Andela Community, this session allows you to take a break from the grind, to relax your mind and body. Andela Community members will receive an invitation to the session directly into their calendars.

Community benefits and other events!

Andela Community members have access to a wide range of benefits, to be announced throughout March. Community members should follow our special Community Slack channel – #march-to-wellness – to keep up to date with the latest launches, as well as receiving tips and advice for improving mental and physical health.

From an exclusive 50% discount on the Unplug meditation app, to “Beat the Screen” our fun, wellness-focused online event on March 23rd, we’ve got a range of activities and offers in store.

Don’t miss out! Join your fellow Andelan’s on the March to Wellness!

Want to be part of the Andela Community and the March to Wellness? Then join the Andela Talent Network!

With more than 175,000 technologists in our community, in over 90 countries, we’re committed to creating diverse remote engineering teams with the world’s top talent. And our network members enjoy being part of a talented community, through activities, benefits, collaboration, and virtual and in-person meetups.

All you need to do to join the Andela Talent Network is to follow our simple sign-up process.

Submit your details via our online application then…

Complete an English fluency test – 15 minutes.

Complete a technical assessment on your chosen skill (Python, Golang, etc.) – 1 hour.

Meet with one of our Senior Developers for a technical interview – 1 hour.

Visit the Andela Talent Network sign-up page to find out more.

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Are you a developer interested in growing your software engineering career? Apply to join the Andela Talent Network today.

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