What to Expect When You Join Andela: Andela's Engineer Value Propositions

Before anyone takes on a new role or job, they typically do some research on the role which helps them know what to look forward to from day one. Such research is crucial to succeeding in the said role.Applying for a job can be an ordeal if candidates don't have access to information that helps their process. Access to information relating to company culture and employee experience plays an important role in easing the experience. As the nature of work tilts more and more towards remote and distributed teams, such information needs to readily accessible.The slug on our ad banners invites software engineers to come to do their best work at Andela. That line is anything but trivial. We acknowledge the fact that work takes a significant chunk of a person's time and therefore needs to be meaningful at the very least. We want our people to know for a fact that the work they do matters.Impact on customers and revenue aren't the only parameters for measuring meaningful work. It is a conversation that begins with employee experience and culture. As Malcolm Gladwell stated in a 2008 interview, "Meaningful work is work that is autonomous. Work that is complex, that occupies your mind. And work where there is a relationship between effort and reward — for everything you put in, you get something out."At Andela, we have distilled a set of value propositions for every software engineer looking to join us. They offer clarity on everything from culture & experience to on-the-job growth.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tTT-HCzd0Y

1. Professional Growth and Learning

Engineers at Andela build solutions for hundreds of the world's most respectable technology companies. It is challenging work that will occupy your mind and help you grow. Also, our community of 1000+ engineers is filled with people who are at the top of their field. That network offers opportunities for mentorship and continuous growth for all our engineers.

2. Interesting and Diverse Problems to Solve

Hundreds of the world's most respectable companies depend on the work done by our engineers to build and ship products and solutions quicker. Being an Engineer at Andela offers you an opportunity to work on several interesting challenges and projects and clock in invaluable real-world experience. The work we do impacts on millions of people every day; it is important work.

3. Flexible and Remote Work

We've been on the frontlines of enabling remote and distributed work since we commenced operations. We believe that the quality of work a person does should not have to be sacrificed on the altar of geography or zip codes. We have teammates working from several different cities and locations around the world.Andelans have the option of working from anywhere and will have the support and access they require to do their best work, whether they’re in the office or remote.

4. Fun Culture

Andelans come from several different backgrounds and cultures to work together. Our company culture is carefully crafted to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience working here. It's not all work and deadlines; there's a lot of fun too! Whether you're in Lagos, Egypt, Nairobi, or anywhere else we have operations in, the experience is the same. We've built a home for talented people to come and do the work they love.

5. Elite Engineering Team

Engineers at Andela are masters at their craft. We hire the best people because that is what our mission and the work we have to do demand. We are building solutions for the world; it is serious work — 0ur engineers are working on some of the most challenging problems in software today, and are building solutions that will shape the future. If you want to put your skillset to great use and do work that matters, you should apply to join Andela.

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