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Partner with us for your Angular talent needs and be in the company of hundreds of best-in-class corporations, institutions, and organizations from a diverse set of industries. Years of long-standing collaboration with these industry leaders attest to our firm commitment to deliver results.

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Why ProdPerfect Scaled to 35 ‘Ridiculously Talented’ Andela Engineers

The Andela engineers stepped in and became an integral component of ProdPerfect’s development environment.

Case Study
Attune Reduces Time to Hire by Investing in Long-Term Partnership with Andela

Attune is transforming small business insurance with a platform that simplifies and speeds up the process for small businesses to get insured.

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Work With the Best

The most brilliant minds in Angular engineering choose Andela. And with good reason. Our meticulous vetting process proves that we are serious about drawing in only the best talents and ascertaining the best-fit company matches.

Today, many of our successful candidates are in key leadership roles and driving the success of their Angular framework strategies. Their globally diverse experiences provide the multifaceted perspective necessary for understanding complex customer workflows and designing insightful solutions adapted to specific customer requirements.

Mohamed Taher
Hamburg, Germany
  • A Software Engineer who has great passion for Technology mixed with Art, and impressive visuals. Experienced with Javascript / Typescript, and specialized in front-end development where art meets logic. Very interested in Automotive and Mobility Industry, and keen to bring new ideas to this market. I am an Engineer. I solve problems!
    • Angular
    • TypeScript
    • React
    • React-Native
    • Vue.js
    • C#
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Oyerinde Akinsanmi
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Accomplished Angular programmer, I am a Fullstack Developer interested in client/server projects using open source technologies. I delight in using web technologies to push the boundaries of human-computer interaction. I hold a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering. I started out as a web developer over nine years ago, and I have gained hands-on experience in modern web technologies and frameworks like NodeJs, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, React, CSS/SASS, Git, MySQL, Postgres, HTML, PHP and so on.
    • Angular
    • Express
    • Node.js
    • React
    • Typescript
    • PHP
    • Wordpress
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Nicky Kibor
  • Experienced Lead Software Engineer, an Angular expert with a productive history in the Hospital and Health Care industry. Skilled in software design and development, architecture, automated testing, open source software, CI/CD, and software process workflows. Nicky is a strong engineering professional with well-developed leadership skills. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Jomo Kenyatta University.
    • Angular
    • Node.js
    • C#
    • TypeScript
    • Java
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Samuelson Okoi
Lagos, Nigeria
  • I'm a frontend developer focused on Angular and Vue.js as of late. I'm the kind of developer that believes everything could be better with a little tender touch and attention even if it already works as intended. I have a burning desire to learn more and improve, I just want to be a better version of myself. I'm the kind of developer that understands what the company stands to lose when I don't meet up deadlines that's why I manage my time well enough in that regard. I’m a very quick learner and I love challenging applications that push me to bring out my best.
    • Angular
    • TypeScript
    • .NET
    • React
    • Vue.js
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How to Hire Angular Developers through Andela

Talk to One of Our Industry Experts

Our engineering team will work with you to fully understand your technical needs, culture, and strategic route.

Work With Hand-Selected Talent

Within two to four business days after first reaching out to Andela, we will match you with the right Angular engineer. We deliver high-quality work, on time and at the velocity you require to meet your time-sensitive deadlines.

The Right Fit, Guaranteed

We will be with you every step of the onboarding process to help ensure a seamless process and team integration.


Why Andela

In today’s increasingly competitive hiring landscape, many companies are constantly pressed for time to fill vacancies for Angular programmers and Angular developers. Helping them efficiently meet the challenge of finding the best-fit talent to match their work culture and financial requirements is where we come in.

Andela is the leading engineering marketplace that combines human resources expertise with the most advanced algorithms to help secure the best talent for you, even at crunch time.

FEATURES For scaling engineering teams with global, remote talent FREELANCE MARKETPLACE For hiring contractors quickly and cost-effectively FULL-TIME MARKETPLACE For hiring full-time employees without vetting or support STAFF AUGMENTATION For increasing development velocity for short-term needs OUTSOURCING FIRMS For long-term projects without team integration
Timezone overlap
Vetted and matched
Global talent
Embedded Manager

Scholarships for the Next Generation of Angular Developers

We are committed to helping equip Angular programmers and developers to become tomorrow’s thought leaders. Through the Andela Learning Community (ALC) and in partnership with tech forerunners like Google, Amazon, and Pluralsight, we provide scholarships to maximize untapped potential.

Nurturing the Next Generation of Technology Leaders

Our ALC mentorship programs help enable Andela’s pool of experienced and skilled Angular programmers and consultants to guide software developers at the beginning of their careers. From this program, many engineers have gone on to join the Andela Talent Network, mentor others, and continue to grow as leaders in their fields.


Why do great Angular developers choose Andela?

Andela matches developers with long-term remote Angular opportunities at leading companies. Additionally, Andela provides professional growth opportunities including a global talent community, compensation and career coaching, educational resources, and ongoing support.

When can I expect my first match with an Andela engineer?

Depending on the seniority, skillset, and time zone requirements for your Angular programmer, you may be able to start reviewing profiles as early as two to four business days after first reaching out to Andela.

What makes Andela different?

Andela uses technology to find and vet exceptional talent from emerging markets to fully embed them in your team. When you work with Andela, you can expect Angular talent who will contribute not only technical expertise, but also global perspectives, growth mindsets, and long-term commitment, all backed by a support team who is available at every step of the way.

How does Andela ensure long-term success?

Our team leverages human expertise as well as smart matching automation to match clients with the right talent based on work schedule, tech stacks, team dynamics, and overall best fit, as well as delivering continuous hands-on support from start to finish.

Does Andela offer additional benefits to technical talent?

Beyond exclusive career opportunities, Andela provides Angular developers with educational discounts, exclusive events, varied course formats, and exposure to scholarships with companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, as well as additional benefits via Deel.

What regions does Andela cover?

Although our roots are in Africa, Andela’s talent now includes technical experts from all over the world. Whether you’re in San Francisco or Dublin, our team can help you find the right Angular talent for your needs with up to five hour overlap with your working hours.

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